Cleveland Browns Roast Thread

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I'm sure the Browns will do many things this season that are roastworthy..may as well have a thread for it.
Here are just a few highlights the cleveland browns and their players have provided us over the years.

They drafted Tim Couch and Brady Quinn both in the first round, each chose to suck instead of having to continue in Cleveland.

Jim Brown chose to retire in his prime, instead of continuing his career with the Browns

1st overall selection, Ernie "the express" Davis chose to make himself die upon learning he had been traded to the cleveland browns

Dante Stallworth killed an innocent man in order to be locked up so he wouldn't have to play for the browns

Owner Art Moddell had to move his team out of cleveland just to win a super bowl

Browns drafted offensive lineman Orlando Brown, but a ref felt so sorry for him, he tried to put the player out of his misery by trowing a flag into his face and causing him to go blind.

Kellen Winslow tried to kill himself while driving his motorcycle

Another first round selection, William Green, decided to throw his career down the toilet during his second season, getting arrested for drunk driving, marijuana, causing a 4 game suspension. His was committed to coming back, but during the suspension his wife stabbed him. He was never the same


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