Pimp C. Vs. Master P. Whats beef... Urban legends Vol 3.

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There are more than one version of the story but the one most commonly told is that Master P. didnt pay Pimp C. what they agreed on for the song "Break 'em Off", or possibly something else.

Pimp C. has never been the type of dude to hold his tongue, so he started bad-mouthing Master P. over and over again and talking tough. This was during the era were Master P. had the streets on lock and he wasnt to be fooled with under any circumstance.

To make a long story short, Pimp C. ended up being kidnapped and taken to a motel room were he was hog-tied, pistol-whipped and peter-rolled, legend has it that Master P. showed up at the motel and called J. Prince on the phone and asked J. Prince for the green-light to murk Pimp C., J. Prince was furious and warned Master P. that retaliation wouldnt be minimal and to turn Pimp C. loose.

They let PimP C. go and the shit was squashed after a period of time andI think No limit was banned in alot of parts of Texas. Pimp C. let be known how he felt about the situation in interviews, and most importantly his music.

You niggaz week so you call Houston for the hit
But didn't know that we got gangsta niggaz all over this bitch
So now you bitches gotta deal with the King hoe
Cause you done crossed me 3 three times, we just can't let that go
And to that phony 2Pac that threatend my precious momma
You In It Now? Its a bitch for life you'll feel the drama
They gonna be flyin' you to the center for that gun-shot trauma
You could get hit in your Bentley or your Purple? Impala

Maybe you was in yo' drop, that's when my boys love to pop
Make his fuckin jelly junk, stepdaddy got hit with a pump
Hit with a pump, it's in my lap at all times nigga
And ain't nuttin for that fuck boy to get hit nigga
Cause y'all niggaz is some motherfuckin hoes
When y'all want your rep I saw your motherfuckin clothes
Your shoes ain't tight and you're phony at your shows
So bend your ass over like a bitch is supposed
I make my fuckin music for the boys with the O's
The old school pros and the strip club hoes
The boys with the hard in the motherfuckin South
Bitch you ain't had a hit since I sold you "Break 'em off"
(R.I.P Pimp C.)


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