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Get The Billboard Musicians Guide to Touring & Promotion Summer-Fall 2010

Wake N BakeWake N Bake Posts: 59
edited September 2011 in Roc Tha Mic
Because im always willing to hook people up with free ish.. this is no joke all the contacts in this pdf are legit and up to date, this is everybody you need to know and get in contact with to set up anything from a nation wide tour to a group of shows in your local area.. trust me this information is priceless if you apply yourself..

Get your free copy of The Billboard Musicians Guide to Touring & Promotion Summer/Fall 2010 Edition. :D

Index Screenshot

Contacts Screenshot

Everybody thats serious about getting somewhere with their music should grab a copy, this shit could jump start your career.. because its not the music that gets you places its the people you can present it too, without the proper promotion even the hottest artist wont sell shit by comparison..

Peace Out,
Wake N Bake


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