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The Prophet Muhammad was a black man

anthony7qanthony7q Posts: 782
edited September 2010 in R & R (Religion and Race)
Black Roots, you've stated that Prophet Muhammad was black. This contradicts THEM in the Theology of Time lecture series dated June 4, 1972. You can go to www.seventhfam.com and hear THEM say in his own words that Prophet Muhammad 1,400 years ago was a white man. They have it online in audio it's the June 4, 1972 tape part 1 side 1.

As far as the Mongolians migrating here across the Bering Strait. Here's a quote also from Message To The Black Man Chapter 55, "The black man produces these four colors: brown, red, yellow and white. The original people, whom the white race found here (red people), were the brothers of the black man, they are referred to as the Red Indians. The Indian part of the name must refer to the name of the country from which they came, India. The All-wise Allah said that they came here 16,000 years ago and that they were exiled from India for breaking the law of Islam".
Aren't Mongolians from Mongolia?

Also, according to the teachings of the Nation of Islam, the 24 elders (also called scientists) are like a secret order. This secret order are said to be the wisest men on the planet. The 24th is said to be wiser than the other 23. The wisest one is called the Supreme Being. They teach that Master Fard Muhammad is the Supreme Being in this present cycle. They don't teach, at least I've never read it in any of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad's literature nor in the Lost Found Muslim Lessons, that any of these scientists are women.

You did say that you don't believe, but know that the teachings of THEM are true. So how do you explain these contradictions.
I look forward to your reply, peace.
I have a strong suspicion your goal is the same as ours
concerning white people. We only differ in that you want to

glorify Elijah and Fard above all, when in fact all Black people are already glorified as ONE. We have been glorified since eternity, are now, and ever shall be.


The reason Elijah said that Muhammad was a white man was to get the attention of his followers away from white Islam back to his own teachings. He made this statement in the latter part of his life, after the disagreement with Malcolm X. After that time, a lot of his followers went to white Islam and began to reject true Islam as taught by him. To dissuade them, he told them that the founder of the religion they were trying to embrace was a white man. This worked to bring a lot of Black people back to his teachings.
It's clear from his writings that he knew Muhammad was
a Black man. For instance, he made statements such as:

"Muhammad was given the knowledge of the devils by the Elders. He was told that he could not reform the devils and that the race had 1,400 more years to live; the only way to make them righteous was to graft them back into the Black Nation."

Does this make sense if Muhammad was himself a devil? He told the truth about him much earlier in his writings. For instance, in 1957 when he was writing a regular news column in the Pittsburgh Courier (on Feb 2), he said:

"The old Christian missionaries who wrote on the life of Muhammad were his enemies. They were so grieved over the success of Muhammad and Islam that they wrote falsely against this man of God by attributing his success to the use of the sword instead of to Allah. All who hate Islam use these same false charges against Muhammad. As I have said before in this column, Muhammad was a member of
the Black Nation, and the white race, by nature, is against
the Black man."
There's an important reason why he never mentioned
that 12 of the Elders were women. The mission of Fard and

Muhammad was to lay the foundation for the formation of the 144,000 so-called "elect". In order to do this, they needed a solid plan to make sure they would succeed. Back in the '30s when they were beginning the recruitment of followers for their movement, it was still generally believed by many people, white as well as Black, that men and women are not equal. This lie is 6,000 years old. It has deepened since the advent of Christianity and was spread even more after the advent of Islam, where women to this day are more oppressed than in Christianity.

With this prevalent attitude, it would have been impossible to start a fledgling movement from scratch if they were to teach that God is a Black woman. Who would have followed such a teaching?
Even today, a lot of people are outraged when told
that God is a woman as well as a man.
But that is the most fundamental truth of all.

God is united in the mind of the Elders as two soul mates. At the time of conception, he/she separates and is born as a Black boy and girl.

This is most difficult for some men to accept. Even some women are shaken when they hear this; they prefer to leave the creation of the universe in the hands of the "strong male figure".
That's wishful thinking. Reality is real. God is both male and

To circumvent this obstacle, Fard and Elijah decided to teach that 12 of the scientists were "major" and 12 "minor". Later on, they said 12 were fathers and the other 12 their sons. This proved to be acceptable and they proceeded to form the most significant Black movement since the time of the first Muhammad.


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