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Official legion of doom mixtape thread

Kang_Solomon_GrundyKang_Solomon_Grundy Posts: 2,005 ✭✭✭
edited September 2011 in Fresh Produce
Aight, for those of you who remember, and those that weren't around, this is the official "re-vamping" of the fresh produce mixtape.
The "Legion of Doom" theme originated from a situation that occurred about 2 or 3 upgrades ago. God MC (a former IC poster/mod) made a sticky-thread calling for the fresh produce posters to submit beats for a Hall of Justus (9th Wonder's cohorts) mixtape. Supposedly, they were to pick from our submissions and use them for this project. Due to the opportunity for exposure, this got quite a bit of feedback from the posters at that time. Mostly everybody submitted beats to the e-mail given in the post. Oddly enough, weeks passed by with no response. Hell, even god MC never bothered follow-up on the thread that he started. We began to get a little agitated, partly because we had sent beats and had no idea of what was going on with them. Finally, Jon B contacted one of the Justus members via myspace and received word that the mixtape wasn't going to happen. Shortly after, I jokingly made the suggestion to form a crew and put out our own mixtape with the "Legion of Doom" theme (in direct contrast to the "hall of justus"). Soon, it became more than an idea and the FP producers decided to make it a reality. As per my suggestion, we took nicknames based off of the "Legion of Doom" characters. Everybody started doing songs with their respective crews for this, and we even got a few emcees from the LE room to join in. Sadly, it never quite came to fruition. Now, I think we can pull it off. This time, there won't be restrictions as to what you can submit - it can be whole songs (w/lyrics), or beats/instrumentals. I still have the soundbytes from the cartoon and will make them available to anyone who wants them. There are a few of us still around (drematic -aka- Gorilla Pimpin' Grodd, swiffneaa -aka- brainiac), plus we've got plenty of talent around here. Any of you newer guys who want to participate, feel free to pick a codename (not mandatory), and get some hot shit together. Like I said, this time it can be either beats or songs - just make sure that shit is FYAH!!!!! We'll use this thread to correspond and decide on the details as we go along. I won't set a time limit until I get an idea of who all wants to participate.
I'd eventually like to get support from our gracious admins and site owners to promote this on the main site's page, if possible. Let's get crackin' on this and show the world that the Fresh Produce producers are some of the hottest cats doin' it out here!!!!
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