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Yo I was on that website cuz i saw somebody in illpix post a pic of a chick from that website. So I start looking around the site and go into the webcam forum. It was there that I realized something crazy. We live in a SICK society. You got chicks up there videotaping themselves fucking themselves with fake dicks and all types of crazy shit. They had a chick up there sticking dildos in her ass and pussy at the same time. One chick was up there sticking her entire hand inside her ass and pussy/ They even had this one chick fucking herself with a dildo and cumming in a glass. Then she DRANK that shit. I know some people get turned on by that shit but im starting to feel like we as human beings are pushing shit beyond their natural limits. I dont find chicks that take dick in their ass attractive at all. So going on there to see that shit just made me think damn there's alot of bitches out there probably really doing crazy shit like this behind closed doors. It could be the chick you work with that looks so innocent, but behind closed doors shes sticking all types of shit in her ass. Shit is sick to me. If any one cares to see...


Seriously where's the fucking limit? Its only a matter time before bestiality is the thing thats in.


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