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Just Blaze Speaks on Quincy/Kanye *thinks Quincy spoke in ignorance



  • supaman4321supaman4321 Posts: 946
    edited December 2010
    genstasia wrote: »
    Kanye does have an Ear but its just not the same... and also mind u that back in the they HAD to use real instruments for the most part the technology wasnt there for them to utilize so anybody from that era had to know how to play SOME kind of instrument. So it aint like Quincy had the MPC infront of him and said "Naw i'ma get on these drums"..... And speaking of Which Ryan Leslie is a Genius.... because he has the choice.....

    One of the dopest bass lines I've heard in pop music in a while I dunno if he did it himself or not but somebody has some skills

    To answer the thread I think Quincy has earned the right to say what he said about Kanye, he still gave him props but if i'm not mistaken he's saying that with all he's done in music to be compared to somebody who while talented can't even create it on his own at the end of the day is kinda disrespectful. Kanye's very good at what he does, but I'm sure he'd agree with Quincy dude's arrogant but he's not stupid.
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