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Rules of Lyrical Executions (Check This Before Battling) 05-07-11

raw-material_ahhraw-material_ahh Posts: 555
edited January 2011 in Lyrical Executions
[size=+2]Welcome to Lyrical Executions!!!
Text battles and tournaments take place in this forum.[/size]

You can go to the Got Beef forum and respond to a call out or make one your own. The forum is located [size=+1]HERE[/size].
You can also sign up for a tournament. Tournaments will happen every few weeks and sign-ups will be posted at the top of this forum when a tournament is announced.

-In the Got Beef forum, create a new thread and come up with your own rules when making a call out.
-Specify the verse length. For example, 16 lines. Or you can set a minimum or maximum.
-Determine how many votes is needed to win and/or how many posts a member has to have to vote. For example, 5 votes to win and 3-0 is a KO and you need 50 posts to vote.
-Determine if there will be a verse due date and a voting due date. Sometimes battles can go on for weeks, even months BC there are no due dates.
-You can also determine how many rounds there will be. 1, 2 or 3 and if feeding is allowed.

Your rules are up to you. I will just keep track of the winner for the 2011 RECORDS BOOK.
Once someone responds to your call out, create the battle in this forum and when all verses are posted, people will begin voting.

1. If you plagiarize/bite/whatever, you will be [size=+1]disqualified.[/size]

That's basically it. As always, follow the sites rules located HERE so I don't have to delete anyone's posts.

Good luck,
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