KANYE WEST: The "My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy" Thread

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Well in my view no rap album for the rest of the year is more anticapted than this one. We are offically 5 weeks away from KanYe's 5 LP dropping. Originally titled "Good Ass Job", KanYe wanted to finish off his "College" Concept but after the passing of his mother and other drama, he found himself in a different place. Well "Gradaution" ends the College Trilogy and "808's and Heartbreak" is followed up by KanYe's "My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy". The 1st single was very strong and will go with other Classic KanYe singles which was "Power". The 2nd Single is really growing on radio which was "Runaway". KanYe introduced G.O.O.D. Friday which he gave us fans many tracks over the last few weeks. Some of those songs will end up on the album and some won't. This is the official thread for the album. Discuss KanYe's career, Ups and Downs. Will this album sell as much as his last? Has KanYe fallen off? Will he prove the Haters wrong by dropping another Classic? This thread will explore it all up to the release of the LP:






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