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This What Happens When You Move In With An Internet Whore

SunflowaSeedsSunflowaSeeds Posts: 12,210 ✭✭✭✭✭
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As we all know, Sourpatch moved in with JellyBean.
Many knew this situation was fucked from the jump, except the two of them I guess.
Apparently things came to a head, and it all blew up in Sourpatch face.

Here is his side of the story (he posted it on BHM):

This is what happened to me. I met a chick, thought she was cool but she was lying to me about everything about herself, in fact she has identity issues. I found out from a few sources that she cheated on me and when I confronted her she completely denied it, in fact she made everyone think I was crazy. I also found out more information that she was trying to mess with her ex boyfriend who is married but he turned her down because he felt sorry for me. I eventually ended up speaking to her ex (which I shouldn't have) and he told me the whole story about them. I'm still getting over it and trying to better myself but it still affects me and I should have paid attention to the signs.

I felt mad dirty because she doesn't like to wear condoms with anyone and when I confronted her on it, she either completely denied it or said we weren't dating but we were living together and having sex so common sense should have told her to give me the heads up if you're gonna be a hoe. Then she was sending off random nudes of herself to random people and hoeing herself on the internet with alot of other dudes while trying to look for validation from me. It made it truly hard for me to take her serious. This is probably the most complex hoe, I've ever encountered. She messed my head up like she messed her ex-husbands head up though.

I didn't know she was that much of a hoe. She did pay for my plane ticket and begged me to come down and at first I was like na. I mean shorty was playing the victim role like she didn't deserve the treatment she was getting from everyone but I didn't realize til I saw the other side of the picture. I didn't know she was taking her husbands money behind his back and spending it on another dude. Her ex husband was trying to warn me. First time I confronted her about it and told her she was a *&%^$#@Eed in the head person, she took it as an offense and started telling my family her lifestory on facebook. Shorty was just leaving work early and turning her home into a brothel right off her red light.

I was reading aim logs where dudes didn't even ask for nudes and she was just telling them she took a new nude. Dude would not even be talking about sex and she would start bragging about how she wanted to get face *&%^$#@Eed for attention.

I read the aim logs on her computer. One was where she talking to a guy about how she would give him head real good and offering him new nudes while I was sitting in the room right next to her on my netbook. I caught her on a few other lies. Alot of the guys that she played victim too were the guys that she wanted to offer sexual favors too. One of the guys that she met wasn't off the IC. I really don't know where she was meeting other guys from besides tagged or something cause she was always very secretive, passwords on everything and texting 24 hours a day even while driving near me. Sad thing is that she kept expecting me to love her after I knew what she was doing and she would never admit to how much of a hoe she was. To be honest, I just got fed up with pretending she wasn't a grimey hoe, I was getting warned in my IM box by alot of people but ain't listen.

Her ex husband was telling me how he confronted her on alot of her lies and still put up with her b.s. It's just messed up how someone can go around doing good men so dirty, you can only do but so much before someone gets fed up.

Chief Keef does NOT like fake shoes.


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