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[COMPLETE] The Essence Playlist of the Month August 2011 [UPLOADED]

RuffDraftRuffDraft Posts: 4,751 ✭✭✭✭
edited September 2011 in The Essence

Track List:

01 CunninLynguists - Lynguistics
02 Co$$ - Risen
03 Glue - Early Morning Silence
04 Kil Ripkin - Not You
05 Rome Cee Feat. Q & Pascal - Time
06 Rome Cee Feat. Pascal - The Frame
07 Blu - Down to Earth
08 J. Pinder; GMK; Spaceman - Big Homie Style
09 TaeOne - Things Done Changed
10 Incise Feat. Need Not Worry - Scorpion Tail
11 Incise - Nothing to Do
12 The Roots - World Full of Sadness
13 J. Rawls - Tribute to Dilla
14 DEFIKON - Secrets, Numbers, Sounds
15 Terem Feat. Sene - Steel Hearts
16 Joe Budden Feat. Emanny - All of Me
17 Vee - Atmosphere
18 Cradle Orchestra Feat. Substantial - I Never Knew

Once again, thank you to all uploaders who have contributed to another great playlist!!! :tu Some real standouts on there and some cats I hadn't heard of before; so as you say, 'pon di download' and enjoy :tu

Personal favourites (not inc. I Never Knew and Lynguistics): Risen by Co$$ (Have to get his album now, thanks Stupot!) and Glue's Early Morning Silence… all tracks are nice though!

Original Post:
RuffDraft wrote:

It's mid-month, which means it's time for a new playlist! Remember to drop your two favourite Independent tracks that you've been playing this month in mediafire.com links! Those two tracks will then be added to this month's playlist! If you've missed out on last month's you can visit the thread here.

Small print for those that are new:
RuffDraft wrote:
How it works:

Posters upload their two favourite tracks that they've been playing of late and up them to mediafire.com. The links are then posted here in this thread and at the end of the month, I'll upload them all as one succinct playlist that flows like water. If 10 posters participate, that's a 20 song playlist for us to bump the next month whilst the next playlist of the month is populated. It works well and should make for another great thread :tu The only rule is that the music MUST be from an Independent, Underground or under-the-radar artist, The Roots and similar artists CAN be contributed to the thread, but 50 Cent and other mega superstars are NOT to be included.

How to upload to mediafire.com:
Visit www.mediafire.com
Click on the big green button entitled 'UPLOAD to mediafire'
Click on 'Click Here To Upload'
Select 'Browse' and find the tracks that you wish to upload from the correct folder on your computer.
Once selected, select 'upload more files' and select your next track.
Finally, select 'Begin Uploading Files' and your two tracks will be uploaded to mediafire.
Once completed, the website will present you with a URL (link) that will allow others to view your files. Copy this link and copy it into your post in this thread.

Enjoy old Essence Playlist of the Months, Artist of the Month's and Essence Essentials (Playlists created by members), in the Essence Essentials: Mixes Both Old and New + Artist of the Months thread.

Upload those two Independent/Underground tracks that you've been playing this month, let's make another great playlist and find some new artists :tu
Favourite Albums of 2013/Essence Threads:
Ugly Heroes - Ugly Heroes LP


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