Why Does B.E.T Get So Much Hate?

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This nigga on youtube made a video talmbout “BET is the worst channel on television and the worst channel in the history of the world. It’s the equivalent of toxic sewer run off and fermented dumpster juice.” Maybe I’m missing something, because every time I’m flipping channels, 90% of the time on BET I see Everybody Hates Chris reruns or edited movies. I don’t get where all the hate comes from considering MTV and VH1 aint no better.

If you watch them disgusting clowns on MTV’s Jersey Shore or other trash TV, shut the fuck up about how “damaging” and “ignorant” BET is. Yeah, BET is a sorry ass channel and I don’t watch it, but so is most of the other garbage on TV. I think niggaz just like to hear themselves complain about shit and these type of ppl somehow think it makes them elite or different when they brag about how they hate BET so much. What’s your beef w/ BET?


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