Hey Fellas (25 & up): What do you expect your potential woman to bring to the table?

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Earlier this year while out of state, I met this very nice girl, a real sweetheart. Kind of reminds me of Mood Indigo except she knows how to treat a man.

We kept in contact, and on the surface, the chemistry was good. There were a few things that kind of didn't sit right with me though:

-- Highest level of education: High School
-- No car (to be fair, she lives in NY and you dont HAVE to drive there, no license either though)
-- Tattoo sleeves on both arms

Now, she was a very well spoken sweet girl. But let's be real, if a guy had a resume like that, he'd be labeled a loser, right? So I'd like to know (aside from beauty and great sex) what do you look for a woman to bring to the table?

SUBQUESTION: If you were rich, would the requirements be the same?


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