Video:David Banner Responds To V-Nasty Dissing Him & Her Use Of The N-Word...

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"Got more bricks than houses in Atlanta/Damn how a white b*tch more hood than David Banner?" - V-Nasty 'Plug'

David Banner was a guest on Shade 45's "Sway in the Morning" show yesterday (December 21). The Mississippi rapper heard V-Nasty's diss aimed towards him for the very first time when Sway played it for him. It left him wondering what has happened to the hip hop culture. He sees things being said and done now that he feels shouldn't be accepted.

V-Nasty's verse appears on the song 'Plug' which also features Gucci Mane. It was most likely a response to a song Banner released earlier this year titled 'Swag.' Many people thought he was talking about V-Nasty when he rapped the line, "the homies is busting slugs, the women is shaking ass/The white girls call us "n*gga" and just sit back and laugh and call it "Swag, swag, swag!"

"It don't bother me at all," Banner said after hearing V-Nasty's diss. "The problem with hip hop is people try to act a certain way and they put it on they sleeves. The stuff that I did that was hood I can't talk about it on a record. It's funny when people tell these kids to be hood and they don't stay in the hood. They give these kids the mentality of staying in the hood and that shows you what other cultures think about us as black people, and how they try to play us as black men against each other. Because the sad thing about it is--at the end of the day I'm the big mean black guy. Regardless of how articulate I am. If I move any kind of way I will always be crucified," Banner continued. "So, what I realized as black people we need to stop letting people play our culture like that. It's not up to me to feel a certain way. I feel bad for the people that allow other people to do this to our culture. I shouldn't have to say anything, this should be handled."

Banner went on to say the song 'Swag' wasn't about V-Nasty to begin with.

"And I said I wasn't going to speak about her. I wasn't going to call her name. I'm not ever gonna say this girl's name. But what I will say--the funny thing about it, the record was never about her," Banner told Sway and Devi Dev. "It was never about her, it was about what we accept as people. I'm more concerned with the people that's around her that allow her to feel comfortable enough to do that. It's actually sad to me. And it's sad that we as a people accept that. I actually feel sorry--not just for her, but just for the whole situation in general. I was actually one of the people that kept folks off of her. I was one of the people that said, 'nah bruh that's a little girl.' We deal on another level than just rap. Even on a business level [people called] like 'dude, what do you want us to do?'. I said I don't want you to do nothing because I honestly believe that she don't know no better," he explained. "The plight between our races is so much bigger than her. I don't even think she knows the ramifications and the pain of the word, especially coming from Mississippi. Especially in the south. And then for people to tell us I don't care what you think. You mean to tell me you're in our culture, using our culture, making money off our culture and you don't care about what the people think? Her people were not hung from trees and forced to accept the word n*gger. We had to internalize the word because we couldn't get away from it, we were slaves. And people forget their history dude. Being in Hollywood and being around certain cultures, that if you say certain things that they say, then your movies start flying, the lights start going out. The thing I want people to know is when is it enough? If it aint the word n*gga what about the disrespecting of God? Because now our culture has gotten to the point where if it's popping and it's making money then it's acceptable. What's not acceptable? What is enough? I can't say what it is, but what the f*ck is enough? It's like anything with our culture now is for sale."


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