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UPLOADED INSIDE: The Essence Playlist of the Year 2011

RuffDraftRuffDraft Posts: 4,753 ✭✭✭✭
edited February 2012 in The Essence
Click the album cover to download.


01 Pharoahe Monch Feat. Styles P and Phonte - Black Hand Side
02 Phonte - The Good Fight
03 Co$$ - Risen
04 Kendrick Lamar - A.D.H.D.
05 Rapsody - A Crush Groove
06 Co$$ - No Allah
07 CunninLynguists - Embers
08 Afu-Ra & D.J. Premier - Voodoo Child
09 Trek Life - Wouldn't Change Nothing
10 eLZhi - It Ain't Hard to Tell
11 Evidence Feat. Slug & Aesop Rock - Late for the Sky
12 Nujabes - Far Fowls
13 CunninLynguists Feat. Rick Warren - Stars Shine Brightest (In the Darkest Night)
14 Psalm One - Better than my Last (Remix)
15 Atmosphere - The Last to Say
16 Nujabes - Prayer
17 eLZhi - One Love
18 MC Eiht - 2 Freak E
19 Killer Mike - Burn
20 Killer Mike - Ric Flair
21 80 Blocks from Tiffany's - Mic Check

Special thanks to everyone who uploaded. Apologies for the lateness following the downtime that the I.C. had. Hopefully this will be the best period for The Essence from now onwards. I really like the playlist, hope you do too. I added a lot of tracks to ensure the best of 2011 was covered. I still listen to the playlist from 2004, so I know that these mixes are appreciated and valued for a long time.

I Photoshopped the cover using the best album's of 2009 and adding a special effect before adding the text.

Let us know what you think of the ordering of the playlist as well as your favourite tracks and what you have discovered.

We can all enjoy discussing this in the weeks that follow. A Playlist of the Month for March will follow in a few weeks time.

All the best for 2012.

'Sup Essence Heads,

Every year we build a playlist where we ask posters to upload their TWO favourite INDEPENDENT/UNDERGROUND tracks of the year as mediafire.com links.

At the end of the year, I'll upload those tracks as one complete playlist that flows like water for us all to digest and keep as the great ones of 2011.

This is usually the greatest thread of the year, so I welcome the excitement and hope that we'll have a great playlist as we always have come the 31st!!

We're two years in to the new Essence... last year we discussed retaining 25 members by the end of 2011 (an increase of double what we had back then...); as we look at the present, I think this has all but been achieved, so thank you for your continued support and welcome to our newest posters who have discovered The Essence.

Thanks for your continued efforts and my best wishes for the christmas period to you and yours.
RuffDraft wrote:
How to upload to mediafire.com:
Visit www.mediafire.com
Click on the big green button entitled 'UPLOAD to mediafire'
Click on 'Click Here To Upload'
Select 'Browse' and find the tracks that you wish to upload from the correct folder on your computer.
Once selected, select 'upload more files' and select your next track.
Finally, select 'Begin Uploading Files' and your two tracks will be uploaded to mediafire.
Once completed, the website will present you with a URL (link) that will allow others to view your files. Copy this link and copy it into your post in this thread.
Favourite Albums of 2013/Essence Threads:
Ugly Heroes - Ugly Heroes LP


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