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LiL Wayne just had the Biggest Year ever for a Hiphop Artist?

H-Rap 180H-Rap 180 Posts: 15,452 ✭✭✭✭✭
edited February 2012 in The Reason

Wayne got out of prison two months before 2011 and since then:

"The Carter 4"* = 2X Platinum
"How to Love" = 2X Platinum
"6 Foot 7" = 2X Platinum
"She Will" = 1X Platinum
"John" = Gold

"Im On One" = 3X Platinum
"Motivation" = 1X Platinum
"Strange Clouds" = 1X Platinum
"The Motto" = 1X Platinum
"Dirty Dancer" = Gold

An even 10 Gold & Platinum plaques over the last year but we all know sales dont mean sh*t right?

Wayne did Summer-Jam in front of 50,000 and the Bamboozle festival in front of 90,000 and his "I am Still Music" tour grossed $47 million and hit America, Africa, Australia, & Europe.

Wayne was nominated for

3 AMA's,
5 Grammy awards
3 MTV Video awards
2 MTV Europe Awards
Won 3 out of 5 B.E.T awards
Won 5 out of 16 B.E.T HipHop awards

Waynes Young Money label has dropped 3 consecutive #1 albums within a year since his release (Pink Friday, Take Care, C4) and 8 Top 20 singles on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. Spins..

Wayne signed T-Pain and Christina Milian to Young Money also in 2011

4 Different music videos from "C4" have gotten over 100 million views on Youtube in addition to Music television programming and another 25 music videos with other artists that have gotten over a combined 100 million views on Youtube.

5.5 million Twitter followers, merchandising, magazine covers, tabloid headlines, ringtones, royalties, publishing, and the game in a choke.

Lil Wayne - Mirror ft. Bruno Mars - YouTube
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