Ignore Feature Is Finally Back. GOAT.

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I probably had 30+ accounts blocked on the old IC. Most people confuse putting someone on ignore with nothing more than "caught feelings," but I use it to simply skip specific types of posters.

Gayliases - Anyone posting gay pics, or making graphically gay comments. Just something I personally never want to have to see.

ex. - P-Dogg77, any of the gay spam accts

Posters with semi-retarded spelling/grammar - basically "i wuz goen to cozine u til u sad dum shyt" type posters make me feel like I'm burdened by reading their posts. I'll just pass.

ex. - gee757, Aquafina

Posters who never shut up - If you're stretching what should be a 30-40 reply thread into a 8 page novel, and not one single sentence you type is funny, I'd rather just have the application skip your posts for me to save the time of scrolling. I just don't have e-patience like that.

ex. - Kimi, -JB-

Anyone else happy its back?
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