sony's answer to super smash bros

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Title Fight, the Sony brawler akin to Nintendo's own Super Smash Brothers, will be available at E3 2012 says Paul Gale of PaulGaleNetwork. If you've been out of the loop for the past few months, then here's the run down on Title Fight.

Title Fight is essentially Sony's answer to Nintendo's Super Smash Bros and will feature numerous characters from various games featured across Sony's portable and home consoles. So far, the roster includes: Fat Princess, Ratchet & Clank, Jak & Daxter, Parappa The Rapper, Sweet Tooth, Sly Cooper, Kratos, Colonel Mael Radec, and Nathan Drake. Damage meaters will be used in place of life bars, although how they will function has yet to be revealed. Each character will receive a stage from their respective franchise, they will also each have a special attack.

Paul also says that Title Fight is nearing completion because the version E3 attendees will go hands-on with is the "near complete" version.

Although Title Fight has yet to be announced formally by Sony, it is expected to receive a reveal at this years E3 which would coincide with the gameplay segment that will be held on the showroom floor. Check back in the coming weeks for more details about Title Fight!

Title Fight Will Be Playable At E3 2012



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