THROWBACK: Pics from the IC circa 2007 - 2008 (warning ... not an eye candy thread)

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LOL this is one of the latter server outings lol ... before this, the site would go down on any platinum thread if there were enuff people in it LOLOL

this is one of the illest backgrounds ever on the ic. even tho it was an ad.

here's a look at the old ic. i took these screen shots because my thread got deleted and i was making a complaint thread to odesiel LOL

if an ic female posted her pics and looked good, we used to hit them with "gifs" like this. and in turn they would be proud to drop more pics. there werent too many trolls and shock posters to ruin things like their are now

speaking of females dropping pics. this was a poster named "ms flawless" LOL man o man the roast that happened after this pic surfaced. damn i wish i had screen shots of that thread LOL



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