i'll battle you with a gun to my neck.....

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i speak in frequencies dogs would have trouble hearing
canibus is the lyrical version of German engineering....

i`ll battle you on the net
I`ll battle you in the flesh
I`ll battle you over the phone you can call me collect
I`ll battle you for the respect
I`ll battle you over a blank check
I`ll battle you wit a gun to my neck
I`ll battle you standin over the toilet wit my dick out
i`ll battle you jugglin a hand grenade wit da pin out
In a stolen car wit da fin numba ripped out
Drinkin a Guiness Stout doin a 360 spinout

...i walk the B. lock
with the G. lock C. ocked
trying to get the D.R. op
on the C. ops....

canibus used to kill those freestyles

add on...
OGClarenceBoddickerwill grimey


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