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A Real Summary

edited March 2012 in Waiting To Exhale

Its been a minute so I'll freshen up
come in an attire made for dress up
confession is a must for the almighty place I call third home
incubator carrying me while alone in the zone
nothing new enjoying fatherhood from a birds eye view
third person he's enduring the storm but enjoying the brew
home whipping up something official
He wonders if he'll become like chip off the block
or brush off the shoulders
if influences taint his spirit whenever he'll get older
times become colder
and my marriage becomes bolder
showing jumping in the picture marriages that its okay
we understand a facade
a lie which is depict by the kissing of the lips
no bullshit love that'll sugarcoat truth
fights become poetic passion so no bragging of a good one
when I represent her strength through my ability to see another day
feeling like seeing centuries
old man time pasts and the world becomes the lighted box laughter
same old stuff according to thee
broke, looking for employment, schooling, and writing remedies
thinking of music but that's the wrong key
the wrong note that sounds good but need experience to make a melody
heaven has smile upon me I'm still standing
mind over matter and thoughts above disaster
rising above hate while the crowd chants faster
for the downfall and kain's wrath
malice towards beings and society reeks of 60 something revolution
needing to finished the unfinished
and my eyes is the witness
through the pc screen I see visions so clearer
journalism through poetic type of pictures
bottom line nothing new so go figure
still loving life, still writing and reciting something that'll break out of this miserable site
the rockets and the stars...the moon and so ons
macho man randy savage visions of perfection
going through the mind of destiny
edging me to stand tall and enjoy this ride
for the main event will come
and the fallen shall rise
a man will be victorious while bringing the belt back to the origins of his homefront
headline: who knew a kid from the northern side of Philadelphia would make it so far
and deliver those that felt like life isn't getting far
I'll be the tour guide and the bus is my shoes...take a journey with me
destination: dreams


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