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Black people and the glorification of the matriarch

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Today is my dead grandmothers birthday. Grandma's been dead for about 11 years, but of course my aunts and mother decided to post on FB about her. And a few of my cousins/sibling decided to post a "RIP to one of the most influential ladies my life....blah blah"

'Cept...I dont remember anybody doing the same for my grandfather when it was his b-day. Now granted grandpa died a good nine years at least before grandma. So I understand that a lot of my younger cousins didn't have that connection with him ( I, on the other hand, was probably the last grandchild he had a connection with before he died) or didn't even know him...

But...I can't help but put a little blame in not mentioning grandpa on my mom and aunts for always talking about grandma. My dad always joked "shit the way your mom and aunts talk about your grandma, you woulda swore they didn't have a father" and my granddad died married to my grandma AND I never heard shit about him being a deadbeat father (to the aunts and uncles I know off at least).

Its like damn...grandpa was working them hard ass jobs and busting his ass too, y'all.

While its probably inherent in our global society, period, the glorification of the mother is particularly inherent in the black community imo. Of course its due to the absence of men and the fact that a lot of our women/my aunts are single mothers (LOL).

So I understand that, its just a lot of good niggas who are there for their kids aren't gonna get much as much mention if/should they die before their wives/BM's.
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