What's up with Black people trying to push this gay agenda

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It's one thing for a gay white motherfucka to do it but they got black people who ain't even gay trying to push it. Me personally, I don't care for the gay stuff. Look, you are the one who has to answer for it one way or another but I am not going to look down on person for it. But when a motherfucka says Gay rights is like civil rights you just made it my right to stomp your ass like a flying roach. That shit is sicking.

I work with gay dudes, they don't have interviews and the interviewer looks at you like "Black man" and doesn't seem interested to hire you as much as he did before when read your resume to contact you. DWB, jobs, opportunities, people not fucking with your company or business because of your skin color. That shit really makes me mad. That's like you saying man, I lost my pet rabbit Bob, now I know how you feel when you lost a love one recently. WTF, hol up man, are you comparing my love one to a fucking rabbit? Shit like that is veil to me. But what is your opinion?
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