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Callout Hitta

Leah_BonitaLeah_Bonita Posts: 839 ✭✭✭
edited May 2012 in AKA Donkey
i've been checking out this niggas threads for a bit&im just wondering why is he such a bitch ass nigga lets start from the top

1)claim he got shot&saw dead bodys...etc
2)says he lives in hood (500 Allen Rd) i googled that shit its the country
3)has a girl living with him who wont suck dick although she looks like she just got fucked by 20 niggas&they crews
4)rips so called girls dresses...something bitchs do
5)lets the girl break up with him&keep the Ipad
6)Admitted to being like drake
7)got mad at a mod&makes a thread about him being a bitch when @Hitta is acting like one
8)then wants to claim his been trolling since he 1st started the I.C

all i see is L's,bitch shit&ducktales in this list

which brings me to the question why are there bitch ass niggas? what turned ypu into a bitch nigga? mrs.hitta why is you such a hoe? @Hitta
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