High School Girls

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Wassup peoples, I'm new to this forum.

I just wanna say most of the girls in my school are either stuck up, fulla of their own problems, or the worst thing in a relationship. It's a couple I wanna get at and I think I can get rather easy, but some try and play hard. Like she'll always look at me like she wants me, but there's always people around her. When I finally manned up and went to her, she looked kinda nervous and was acting like a kid so I left her alone. I just wanna a couple things from a girls stand point on this.

If you saw a guy you wanted, like how would you let him know you wanted him?
What did you look for in most guys? What do you wanna know? What made yall think he was the one?

What would make you say, forget him he's irelvent and I don't wanna talk to him anymore?


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