Kobe: "One ring doesn't get it" Shots fired @ Lebron

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"The breakthrough doesn’t change everything, as warned by Bryant. ‘One championship doesn’t get it, you know what I’m saying?’ Bryant said. ‘So for me, when we won one, it was a little different because it was, like you know, Michael (Jordan) had six, Magic (Johnson) had five. So me and Shaq (O’Neal) both were like, man, we got to get some more. One ain’t going to cut it.’ Surely James has been thinking the same way. ‘Yeah, I mean, since the last time we were here I got two,’ said Bryant, extending the vowel the way Jordan extended his fingertips after making his last championship shot in Utah. He let the ‘two’ hang out there without rushing onto the next sentence. ‘Dirk got one. He (James) got one.’ Has Bryant reminded James of the championship score? ‘Not yet,’ he said. ‘I will. I will.’


I didnt take it as a shot at James until he said the "Dirk got one too" thing

Hes basically tellin James he shouldnt feel himself too much cause one ring aint shit

Truth or feelings caught?
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