@Pico Rivera I'm formally asking you out on a date

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Since you live in California and I live in NY and we both hate each other's city I think it's only fair that we meet on neutral turf. This is why when I got this spam for a six day Balinisian sex retreat I knew it had to be fate.


I know that you're in the army now so you're stacking up that hero patriot money and since it's only our first date it makes sense that we go dutch. It's gonna be $2500 each (not including airfare) but included in that price is access to all that Bali has to offer such as...

bali.6.pngTiki Huts!

bali.7.pngFresh Apples!

bali.5.jpgSex Cult Indoctrination!

bali.8.pngFreshly Manicured Lawns!

Don't pass up this chance Pico because if you say no I'm gonna keep asking I.C. chicks in order of preference and by the time I get down to Lil Loca someobdy gonna say yes.

Just think... In spring 2013 you can either be wasting your time getting your ass shot off in The Iraq or you could be waking up in Bali to a dream schedule like this

8am: Vaginal Weight Lifting for Women
9:30: Breakfast
10:30-1:30: Private playtime
1:30-2:30: Lunch
2:30-5pm: Keys to Unlocking Women
5:00-7:00: Vinyasa flow yoga class or private playtime
7:00-8:15: Dinner
9pm Beach bonfire

Please let me know your answer at your earliest convenience.
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