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Former Bad Boy Records artist Shyne has thrown himself into the current Cassidy/Meek Mill dispute, publicly calling out the Maybach Music Group rapper's association to boss Rick Ross.

Although Shyne Po said he supports Meek's music, he scolded the emcee for teaming up with an ex-corrections officer.

"@MeekMill truth ain't hate! @CASSIDY_LARSINY ate your food! Your boss is Donnie brasco I got zero respect for that young!," Shyne tweeted January 7th.

"@MeekMill your great wit the raps! You in the streets, ok! But your boss is Donnie Brasco! Ice T from new jack city! How u justify that?

"I always said that @MeekMill was that deal! He rapping bout a life he really lived! A life I really lived! He feed his hood. #Respect"

"I signed to puff in order to eat so I can't be mad @MeekMill for the business moves he making. That's why I always supported meek.#Respect"

"All ganglandmilitary payhomage to @MeekMill a street general living by the rules of honor & integrity! HeyoungGettingit &giving to hispeople" (Shyne's Twitter)

Back in October, Shyne went at Ricky Rozay and blasted his Jewish-themed Black Bar Mitzvah mixtape release.

"Yo listen blood, [he's] a straight cornball and I been saying that for a minute now. And one thing about Shyne Po, Shyne Po is consistent. I always speak my mind. I just find it curious that when Shyne Po do his Judaism thing and I'm on my Israelite thing, dudes was taking shots and poking fun at that and now, fat boy is coming out with Black Bar Mitzvah [mixtape]," Shyne said in an interview. "I have a lot of issues with him, but my most important issue is that to me, old boy is like Donnie Brasco. Dudes always say, he makes good music. It's not about that. It's about the integrity." (Hot 97)


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