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Christión - Full Of Smoke:


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    July 19
  • Christión - Full Of Smoke:
    June 17
    • Stomp Johnson
      Stomp Johnson
      But let us leave these two young men to sit and reflect on the fate of the world,

      For life, as we know it my brotha, must go on.

      And so the hustlas continue to hustle, and the playas continue to play...
  • Camp Lo - Luchini AKA This is It:
    June 9
  • I'm in the field wit a shield and a spear nigga,
    I'm in your girl wit her heels in the air nigga.
    June 4
  • The Roots - 75 Bars (Black's Reconstructi - Risin…:
    June 1
    • Stomp Johnson
      Stomp Johnson
      No tellin when the bullet comin, be prepared niggas,
      Cuz when it do, it's comin land, sea and air, niggas.

      That's everywhere niggas.

      Am I a muthafuckin legendary, yeah niggas,
      Make it very clear niggas.

      Been lookin at y'all in my rearview--,
      --Mirror niggas wanna be a millionaire I'M ALREADY THERE NIGGAS.
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    May 29
  • Kris Kross - Live And Die For Hip Hop (Excellent …:
    May 28
    • Stomp Johnson
      Stomp Johnson
      Now who choose to be the next nigga to step, get deleted by death,
      Undefeated ain't no thang to put that body to rest.

      Chest filled wit smoke, yokin niggas up by the colla,
      Follow me cuz my dollas makin mo' sense than Common.

      Robbin you for yo money and yo diamonds, endangerin yo species,
      More than a woman like the Bee Gees.

      No remorse, steady smokin plenty grass let it go,
      And let Da Brat commence to be tha baddest ho.
  • Drake - Jodeci (Freestyle) ft. J. Cole:
    May 27
    • Stomp Johnson
      Stomp Johnson
      Heard a couple niggas hatin, but them fuck niggas weak.
      Count a hundred thousand dollas like, "It sucks be me."

      Ain't that what you wanted? Stuntin on you niggas? Came in this game, never frontin on you niggas. 

      Gave ya heart and soul, stories of my pain,
      Felt naked cuz I laid it all, my glory and my shame.

      Caught fire just to have niggas ignore me and my flame,
      Bouta burn down the house they tryna pull me in the rain.
  • Phonte - Not Here Anymore feat. Elzhi:
    May 26
    • Stomp Johnson
      Stomp Johnson
      If you ever been a underdog or settled for upset,
      Standing on the verge of ya suc-cess.

      Steady bearin ya soul to the world,
      You're un-dressed.

      Surrounded by ya suc-cess-ors and dem whores you ain't fucked yet.
  • Nas & AZ-The Flyest:
    May 25
    • Stomp Johnson
      Stomp Johnson
      I like to bone, I'm a peaceful brotha,
      Eat'em so much, the girls call me seafood lova.

      Be havin they legs shakin, stab em, break em,
      I'm Herculeez Herculeez when havin relations.

      The flyest.
    • Stomp Johnson
      Stomp Johnson
      How many leaders you said you needed then left em for dead?

      Is it Moses, is it Huey Newton or Detroit Red?

      Is it Martin Luther, JFK shooter, you assassin?

      Is it Jackie? Is it Jesse? Oh I know, it's Michael Jackson.

      When shit hits the fan, is you still a fan?
      When shit hits the fan, is you still a fan?

      That nigga gave us Billie Jean, you say he touched those kids?
  • The Notorious B.I.G. - "One More Chance":
    May 23
    • Stomp Johnson
      Stomp Johnson
      I'M clockin ya,
      Versace shade watchin ya.
      Once they grin, I'm in, game begin.

      First I talk about how I dress as this,
      The diamond necklaces, stretch Lexuses,
      The sex is just immac-ulate from the back.
      I get deeeper and deeeeeper, help ya reach the--

      Climax, that ya man can't make, call him tell him you'll be home real late, now sing the the break.
  • Isaiah Rashad - Cilvia Demo:
    May 22
    • Stomp Johnson
      Stomp Johnson
      Malcolm they tackle for belief in the movement,

      But Rashad got applause for releasin the music.
  • Black Star- Respiration (Feat. Common):
    May 21
    • Stomp Johnson
      Stomp Johnson
      Back streets stay darkened,
      While unbelievin hearts stay hardened.

      My eagle talons STAY sharpened,
      Like city lights stay throbbin

      You either make a way or stay sobbin..
    • Stomp Johnson
      Stomp Johnson
      Right back in her,
      And I ate that thang fa dinner.
      Got a Chi-Town ride in the Summertime
      On the west coast in the Winter.

      Man I fuckin left her feenin dog,
      It was so cold how I did her.
      And she hate my guts
      But she always gon be right there when I hit her.
  • Iron Mic - Add 2 [prod. 9th Wonder]:
    May 20
    • Stomp Johnson
      Stomp Johnson
      See I can give you a clip if you niggas is sound 'bitin'.

      And you wrote that in five minutes?, No shit, it sound like it.
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