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    September 6
  • "Crushed Linen"

    La-key, the K-I-D
    Had the head detective Connely, following me
    Black Gotti of Queens, nobody snitchin
    Chillin in the cut, Crush Linen
    Goodfella in it, drug sellin and shit
    Caught a violent offence, now they smellin my piss
    But I Chardonay it, Courvoisier it
    Chop nice size point nine dimes and weigh 'em
    Digitally, I literally
    Changed the history of QB when I was eighteen
    Now I lean in a cream BM
    Listening to beats, sippin premium gin
    Mobb style I don't smile in flicks
    I pose whole and cocaine and four-fifths
    To the soldiers, stuck in trojans
    On the V-I floors, my condolences

    ~lakey the kid~
    August 15
  • DMX killed this shit..

    Everyday shit, around the way shit got me stressed (what)
    So I keep on the vest in case a nigga wanna test (uh)
    I got no time for games cause I'm all grown up
    You wanna joke nigga? laugh when you get blown up (come on)
    See how funny it is when your kids ain't got no father
    Cause you played it sweet now you floating in the harbor (for real)
    Shit is hectic so respect it for your health (what)
    Didn't think it was right, you should've checked it yourself (come on)
    Life is too short to get caught up in some dumb shit
    Wake up one day, 40 years old on some bumb shit
    Time flew by, you was too fly to see the light
    Everyday it's getting darker then comes the night
    Now what? (what) realize that you ain't got shit (uh)
    Not long ago you was the man on some hot shit
    So just peep the flow yo, cause you already in this
    Make sure your shit is right kid and handle your business (uh huh)

    August 5
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    July 28
  • WTF happened to the WTF button ??
    July 27
    • deadeye
      It was taking up to much bandwidth.
  • SWNWA-300x300.jpg

    Congratulations Serena Williams
    July 13
    • 9TRAY
      She's holding an Ancient Chinese Secret back there
    • illedout
      She bad..
  • supergangster
  • supergangster
    • illedout
      My homie @Supergangster true Brave Heart to the grave yard..
  • Somebody come get that nigga Fetty Wap's dog..

    May 3

  • Jealousy in the hood, felonies in the hood
    Thugs wit guns become celebrities in the hood
    Yo it's beef in the hood, smoke trees in the hood
    Little girls have seeds by O.G.'s in the hood
    It's food in the hood, it's drugs in the hood
    You can choose if you would, coke to sniff
    Dope to ooze in your blood, parolees
    Ex-cons live in the hood, it's jobs in the hood
    You can starve in the hood
    Your best friends'll fuck your baby moms in the hood
    But it's good in the hood
    I was raised in the hood
    Was taught how to walk and duck strays in the hood
    I stays in the hood, got my ways from the hood
    Learned to play ball go to the NBA, in the hood
    There's AIDS (uh) in the hood (WHAT?)
    Our lives are the worst, on top of that, we broke
    That's the main reason why God, love us the most
    April 21
    • KINdRED
      Those who know, don't talk...
      That's what pissed me off.
      ...still does.
    • KINdRED
      Yeah... well how about all those who observe and end up in nut wards because they can't wrap their brain around it.
      I didn't say it needed proving. Its proves its self.
      But it does need discussion.
      For Real.
    • illedout
      This is a good discussion..

      I think NAS meant it in a different way,
      like if something pops off,
      the people that know what happened don't talk,
      while others assume and gossip..

      @KINdRED @YamsCassell
    • KINdRED
      I agree it's a great conversation and you're probably right, Ill. But I hear what I'm supposed to hear and I stand with my statements also.
      Even those who prefer to take their own lumps sometimes wish they had somebody to talk to about this shit.
    • illedout
      But I've been through some things,
      and I'm sure both you have too..

      I'd rather learn from someone else's mistakes,
      For me its easier than going down a road and finding out the hard way..
      Also it saves me a lot of time, energy, and grief..
    • KINdRED
      Sure we've all been through some necessary strangeness...
      It's in the air here.
      ... there's a lot to be said for learning on your own...
      But it's ain't easy.
      This is why I listen....
      ....well... mostly.
      I keep it real really...
      With listening comes vision....
      And I tell ya what...
      The entertainment value alone is worth working through all the bullshit.

  • The stereo type for hip hop is guns,
    and for reggae its ganja..

    "Guns and Ganja"

    And I got the guns

    [Damian Marley]
    I got the ganja

    And we could blaze it up on your block if you want to
    Or haze it up stash box in a Hummer
    Or you could run up and get done up

    Goat shit..
    April 14
    • gns
    • illedout
      Queens to Kingston
      Gunshot we use and govern the kingdom

      Rise of the Winston, I can see the fear up in your eyes
      Realize you can die any instant

      And I can hear the sound of a voice
      When you must lose your life like mice in the kitchen

      Snitching, I can see him pissing on hisself
      And he's wetting up his thighs and he trying to resist it

      Switching, I can smell him digging up shit like a fly
      Come around and be persistent

      That's how you end up in a hitlist

      In a bad man business

      No evidence

      Crime scene, fingerprint-less
    • _Goldie_
    • illedout
    • gns
      Mmmm the camel toe fighting to show it's face
    • illedout
      We was just talking bout this bish..
    • gns
      Tru. She heard us and put on the leggings. If I catch this half a dyke in a bikini I might even click play on a youtube vid........might
  • Classic Man..

    March 25
    • gns
      I can dig it.
      I've heard that song b4.
      Brothas educating each other and the youth whilst dressing similar to the Congolese sapeurs.

      If that Janelle monae bish ever decides to dress like a female she'd shit on a lot of bitches
    • illedout
      Yea Janelle Monae little ass can get it..
      She's probably gay,
      but I always thought she dressed like that
      to get people to focus more on the music,
      instead of her ass and tata's
    • gns
      Well she's fucking up gat dayum it
      Cause Idgaf about her music
    • illedout