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  • iKingGodGivBiz
    @sion pimpmvp mom realky be calling posters? Tell her to call me bruh.
    October 2015
    • CallMeWelvin
      This is the biggest feeling catching mod of all time lmao. Nigga get his feelings hurt and ban people.

      Pop shit and then starts crying when he gets ethered. Lol
    • iKingGodGivBiz
      Poor Welvin.
    • iKingGodGivBiz
      how you call yourself a pimp and you cant even control ya own screen name on the Internet? smh You a hoe.
    • iKingGodGivBiz
      How you call yourself a Pimp and can't even control your screenname on the internet? Smh you a hoe ass nigga
    • CallMeWelvin
      Lol You try so hard. Stop taking so much pride in bring a mod. Go out, get you some pussy, a career, and make something of yourself. Lol at bragging about Internet mod powers. Stop being such an emotional lame. Your mother has a reason to hate the dweeb ass nigga she shitted out in you.
    • Omega_SataN
      That nigga changed your name. Smfh
    • iKingGodGivBiz
      Shut ya WuTang forehead ass up bitchless ass bitch nigga.

      Dweeb? Lame? Nigga has the internet swag of Caitlyn Jenner. The only thing drier than your jokes is ya phone. The only thing drier than ya phone is ya mamas pussy.

      Mom shitted you out? Quit imagining a niggas birth bitch nigga. You the only nigga on record to come out ya moms asshole with a helmet on.

      WimpMVP probably uses this same avi on PlentyOfFish, el desperate ass nigga. You the only poster with two dads, and you still fatherless. How you 35 and still rock a shirtless man as your avi? Nigga you more suspect than a Michael Jackson marriage.

      This pedo uses GodOfWar to bait little boys to sleep with him. Kill yaself. Just cause you play IMVU all day on ya Alienware you autistic beta faggot, doesn't mean you get pussy. That just means you too pussy to get laid.

      Nigga quit talking about where you think my dick been, you Pee Wee Herman of faggotry. That's why you always be 'Lol' ing before and after you type every time ya faggot ass makes up stories about what my dick been doing. You mention my dick so much I had to check ya IP to make sure you wasn't my bitch.

      Keep talking about shit you dont know, and Imma fuck ya mom when she asks me for you again, and make you my retarded ass step son, and beat the shit out of you every day like you was Tyrese in Baby Boy, you silicone test-tube cornball.

      I wouldn't even want ya oompa loompa looking fat ass no tiddies dusty egg yolk pussy bald headed bitch you call ya mama. How she look like a penguin and The Penguin at the same time? Id pass on Mrs Shrek faster than Rajan Rondo.

      You type like you own a briefcase full of dildoes you hoe ass tranny. You probably aint even really black. You probably some off brand shit like Dominican or Puerto Rican, rocking chancletas while eating fried plantains while typing to me. I bet you smell like cheap Goya products and orange cola with yellow ass beady foreigner eyes.

      This nigga talking about a career (knows nothing about me btw), but still getting Mutomobed by Mickey Ds and grocery stores daily. Paying for your room would be career achievement unlocked for you pendejo cuckold. This nigga mad cuz Uber don't accept driver's licenses from GTA.

      You da type of fuck nigga to go on Maury to say that you're the father. Your life is the equivalent a crying ass Jordan meme.

      How can you call me anything when your mama STILL checks for you online? This isn't an allegation neither this is REAL FACTS.

      You're literally the embodiment of a lonely ass fuck nigga of a troll who still lives in his mamas basement playing video games and watching ESPN First Take studying Skip Bayless, so you can come online and make the same jokes only fellow cornballs that live with their mama and play video games find funny. You are the Leonardo, Raphael, Michelangelo, and Donatello of corny fuck faggots rolled up into one.

      Watching you beg Jay and others to unban you is funny as fuck to me so why not keep torturing you. I know bitches like you always like to have the last wor.. Jersey.
    • The Recipe
      The Recipe
      LMFAO @ the wall of ether
    • Cain
      Wtf is this nigga serious
    • Omega_SataN
      Damn kingovbiz destroyed that nigga
    • TonyDubbz
    • Stew
      Cant say Ive ever seen anything like this lol
  • R.D.
    Free the real

    Bitch niggas gon bitch
    October 2015
  • gns
    I knew one of us was gonna catch the ban
    From the B.A.N
    Free the pimp
    October 2015
  • Thanks for sticking with us for 5 years.
    May 2015
  • T. Sanford
    Free PimpMVP
    January 2015
    • SixSickSins
      Where's the frenzied outrage over PimpMVP's banning :(? Where's the Angry Bitch Squad when you need them :(?!
  • thatboydizz
    Congratualtions!! You've been cordially invited to view the official trailer for Biggest competition on earth. |V The Finale. This is your official VIP pass to the event. Whoever win this one will be forever be known as and will reign supreme above all. Don't show up with that same avatar you been rocking for the last 3 years either freshin' a bit please this aint no ordinary award show after all...


    9.23 2014

    *security will be strictly enforced

    September 2014
  • T. Sanford
    Trill nigga
    September 2013
  • Thanks for sticking with us for 3 years.
    January 2013