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  • thatboydizz
    Congratulations!!! You have been officially invited to attend the biggest competition on earth! 5. Taking place on 10/27/2015 in the GROWNNSEXY Forum. This is your official VIP pass for the event. Bring something to smoke Bring something to drink and Lets keep it peaceful and positive. We will feature 10 of the most beautifulest women from across the world. But there can only be 1 winner. That's up to you to decide. Every vote counts so do not miss out!! See you there..

    October 2015
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    August 2015
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  • thatboydizz
    Congratualtions!! You've been cordially invited to view the official trailer for Biggest competition on earth. |V The Finale. This is your official VIP pass to the event. Whoever win this one will be forever be known as and will reign supreme above all. Don't show up with that same avatar you been rocking for the last 3 years either freshin' a bit please this aint no ordinary award show after all...


    9.23 2014

    *security will be strictly enforced

    September 2014
  • GunTown
    Fam look in the face off section and u will see i voted Yeezus is better than Relapse because i am objective

    But that thread got moved from da reason because 1 mod caught feelings Relapse was losing by far lmao everyone knows that is why it was moved
    January 2014
  • GunTown
    I told u i wasn't a stan like u accuse me of being look in the Grammy thread stew created i straight up said Relapse shouldn't have won a grammy or been nominated

    And for stating an honest and real view about my fave artists album and being objective sayin it was a weak album i get blackballed for bein objective bout my fave artist smh lol

    Just saying fam
    January 2014
    • GunTown
      I also said the Bad Meets Evil album is wack

      I'm objective mate
  • ProntoBanks
    whatsup yo, can you check this out ? tell me what you think man i appreciate you taking out the time!
    June 2013
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    Eat, sleep, comment. We like your style.
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