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  • Re: The Official Game vs Meek Mill Beef Thread (The Reason roasting Gee)

    Before I click play....

    Is this good gym music?
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  • Re: The Official Game vs Meek Mill Beef Thread (The Reason roasting Gee)

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  • Re: West Virginia Cop Fired for Not Shooting Suicidal Black Man

    JusDre313 wrote: »
    He was fired for not properly disseminating information that could have kept the kid alive.

    Thats how I see it.

    That death is on him.

    How the hell you forget to pass along some information like that?

    Hero complex, thats how.

    Could very well be how the article says.... But from my POV...

    Thats the one thing they aint mentioning.

    i dunno man, i watched the vid Stringer posted... that what the cops are SAYING happened... and im not quick to believe shit cops say, just their actions.

    from the vid it seemed like the cop didnt shoot the kid, because he didnt point his weapon at the officer. simply held it to his side (not waving it at them like the cops wrote up) while yelling to the cop to shoot him . Cop assessed the situation and felt it was a easy cop by suicide

    and everything was calm, until 2 more officers arrived then shot him in the back of the head.. im calling foul on the pigs. he was basically fired for not shooting the kid.. mind you they were called to stop a SUICIDAL person .. call a cop for help, then gets killed. as bad as it is to say. cant be calling the police for this shit... you inviting potential trouble to you crib

    Proper dissemination of information is tantamount.

    Based on what all parties have said.

    Life saving information was not passed on.

    He is lucky not to be in jail.

    Especially given his background.
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  • Re: Amy schumer tweets black men more likely to street harass you. !@#$% WHAT!?

    AggyAF wrote: »
    You fucking idiots. The world is not how you want it to be. It just is how it is.

    There is no reason why black men might not do this more often than white men. Black men are not the same as white men. Or Asian men.

    And I am not even saying that she is definitely right. I am just saying that what she said can't be dismissed as racist right off the bat.

    Let me add this to this.

    Could it be that black culture is more permissive than white culture with respect to men hollering at women on the street -- is it less an issue in black culture than white culture?

    It's possible; certainly, black and white culture are not the same.

    Even if that is true, that doesn't necessarily mean that black men would be more likely to holler at women outside the culture (i.e. non-black women) than other men. They are, after all, not part of the culture.

    Then again, it may be that the more permissiveness of the culture sipes out, and black men are more likely to holler at women in general as opposed to just black women.

    I am not saying this is necessarily true. I am saying this one reason why it may be true.

    To insist, dogmatically, that black men could not possibly do this more than white men is just not defensible.

    This coon is correct. In many Afro-diasporic and African cultures, "hollering" is much more accepted

    Of course many white women are so racist and self centered that they think any man especially black that as much as looks at her is trying to "sexual harrase" her

    However saltines do it too; and Latin men are definitely the worst but the media paints it as only a black thing (see the street harassment video where they edited out the white men)

    Just had to throw in a "coon" in there, didn't you?

    From the outside looking in...

    I wouldn't knowingly twist a j in your vicinity.

    You are too white washed.
    Life aint like it is on base bruh.

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  • Re: IG: Drake in his feelings after some Arizona wolves taxed him 3 million in jewelry robbery...

    Smh.... So you can afford a tour bus, but cant afford a fireproof lock box welded or bolted to the chassis?


    Money can not buy experience.