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  • Re: ADHD! SHUT DA F*** UUUUUUP!!!!

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  • Re: Obama Commutes Sentence of Intelligence Analyst Chelsea Manning

    Maybe yall dont understand how much they drill into us how that ComSec is of great importance.

    How during AIT you have the option of failing out and being reclassed as a ammunition, or petroleum specialist.... Or quartermaster.

    But no... This asshole took an oath, signed every document IN TRIPLICATE stating that he/she knew better. Sat up there went thru a damn security clearance interview and processing.

    How much yall think it cost the government to train manning? Basic, AIT and whatever else he did once he got to his first duty station?

    His AIT was 16 weeks too.
    Think Comsec wasnt covered in them 16?
    This is a slap in the face to every person that has unknowingly made a mistake regarding comsec and had to face the full extent of their punishment.

    Be it getting booted.

    Busted down.

    Or 45 and 45.


    Dumbass was told not to do something, given multiple classes on it.

    was told why.

    was told what would happen and how severe the consequences would be if he did it.

    Was given an opt out to pursue other endeavors while serving out contract.

    decided to stick with it.

    Did what he was told not to do any damn way.

    Turns himself into a blonde haired blue eyed white woman to escape accountability.......

    is successful.

    Is that how you see it?

    May be you should see it as organisations are acting unlawfully and putting themselves above the law.

    For example when John Kiriakou exposed the US for using torture and setting up black sites in countries it was so corrupt that the government of these countrieswasn't aware of it.

    We should all be aware of that barbaric behavior

    Just remember whistle blowers are exposing corrupt systems.

    He wanted to be a snowflake.

    Simple as that.

    American interest are not what makes us feel good and righteous morally, that is some ol bullshit that they teach in grade school.

    Just so happens going scorched earth on a fuck up is in our best interest.

    That is a hard lesson to learn, some people have the stomach for it some dont.

    This piece of shit obviously didnt and put those that did in danger. Fuck him.
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  • Re: SARAH FERGLY -- Is Analingus An Option?

    A white bitch that go out her way to look black.


  • Re: Bhris Brown/Soulja Boy Fiasco.... Punches landed?

    Bruh both them niggas look like the walking dead.

    emaciated as fuck.

    They must be on that new crack and strawberry fruit by the foot diet.

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  • Re: Cuban Link punched in the face *video*

    Its a toss up between Pun and link when talkin bout who the best was out ts.

    They were interchangeable at times.

    It was obvious that link was writting for pun too


    Sorry i dont buy into the myth of pun.

    Yeaaah baby really makes it obvious imo
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