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    Man y'll need to put water marks in them gifs, before other people get a hold of this thread and start stealing shit. Oh and if this thread get buried please reup for next season, this needs to be FOF at the end of the series.
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    King of GA wrote: »
    Yo, real talk...I might cry after the finale...I'm gone miss yall and this thread in the offseason...


    Bruh this thread isn't going away. This thread is couple seasons old..
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    Whats the best site for buying in bulk online? Midway and cheaper than dirt seem to be somewhat decent.
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    Varys on some shit
    First dude show up to Mareen after Dany pull off on Drogon, knowing damn well she wouldn't accept him for what he did. Shit Jorah still ain't catch a break and he only sent the message.
    Now he pulls off just before she returns and the masters attack. Something up.

    Nah I'm confident that Varys is down for the Targs for real.He been saying that since season 1.No way he's with the masters.

    Nah I wasn't suggesting he is down with the masters, I beleive his birds told him Dannerys is coming with the whole Dorthraki army soon, and if he new the masters was coming she would be there to stop it so he didn't tell Tyrion. I think he trying to avoid her until the time is right because of his part he had in Roberts plot to kill her, but I'm trying to figure out how his name doesn't come up in conversation after this. Grey worm or Ol girl will say something about Cojak being their helping Tyrion to fuck things up. Also this dude said they need friends in westeros and ships, only people with ships are the greyjoys so is he picking a side in that beef too? Unless there is another Navy in westeros.

    The Redwaynes have the biggest navy not the grayjoys

    This nigga said the redwaynes I read every book and I dont know who them niggas are fuck a redwayne its rednblack or dragonfire my g


    Redwyne of the Reach. The house the Queen of thorns was originally from before she became a Tyrell. The same navy that blockade Storms End from the sea and had Stanis eating rats and dogs. How the fuck you read all the books and don't know who they are?
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