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  • Re: Aye, If A Chick Ask To Borrow Money...

    Man ask the question again in English.
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  • Re: Game of Thrones Season 6 Thread

    So I'm rewatching season 2. When they found the dragon glass. Was that horn a dragon horn? Book readers shed some light.
  • Re: Game of Thrones Season 6 Thread

    MrSoutCity wrote: »
    Man after rewatching season one I don't feel bad for Sansa.

    Not only do I not feel bad for her, I don't feel like she's been punished enough. She really thinks she's the innocent victim in all this.

    I wish somebody would put together a stone flowchart or something, sit her down and really break it down move by move how she fucked over her family and destroyed their chances in the game. She needs to understand that nearly everything that's happened so far to the Starks is her fault. And that she doesn't deserve to share the same bloodline as true warriors like Jon and Arya.

    Whenever I see Ramsay I see this


    Let's not get carried away here. The demise of the starks is mainly due to LF stirring shit up. Sansa played her role, as did everyone else doing shit they shouldn't have been doing (varys warning ned about digging into robert arryn death, cat taking tyrion hostage, robb not marrying the frey daughter)...but this is all LF. Lol

    Na bruh the demise of the Starks is because the Starks fucked up.

    Mama Stark - Kidnap the imp when her husband told her ass to leave it alone. Then she set the king slayer free.

    Papa Stark - This nigga was too fucking naive, trust worthy and loyal.

    King Stark - This nigga couldn't keep his dick in his pants. Was a terrible leader, couldn't keep his word and was a terrible leader..

  • Re: Best Kanye West Album?- LATE REGISTRATION

    I only fucked with da first one
  • Re: Jamaican food, soul food, or Spanish food. Where do you rank them?

    usmarin3 wrote: »
    aneed123 wrote: »
    What is saltfish and ackee? All the Jamaicans I know love it

    Saltfish is basically ''cod fish", the same shit they make Mcdonalds fillet-o-fish with. Cod is a fish that's caught up Nnorth in Alaska or some shit. In order for them to transfer the fish from up north they have to layer it in ''salt'' to preserve it, hence the term salt fish.

    Ackee is a fruit that is grown in the Caribbean and Asia. In order to eat it the shit needs to be opened up and you boil the yellow fruit inside the pods. If you open it up without it naturally opening, you will be poisoned from the liquid inside.



    Not ripe


    When I father came from Jamaica he tried to feed us that shit. He and the dog was the only one eating it
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