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  • Re: The Official 2017 NFL Season Thread

    tupacfan12 wrote: »
    The Eagles are controlling this game.
    tupacfan12 wrote: »
    Looks like a typical Eagles blowout.

    its....JOHN BpurpngoldAlready Home_17BDBIIDTheBoyRoaneed123vageneral08CJMaywoodlouis richKing_MOEbrasouthsil4lilStoneColdMikeysilverfoxxOlorun22qeezus_priceMister B.
  • Re: Black music exec shames white woman who couldn’t believe he bought a first-class plane ticket

    i ro ny wrote: »
    i ro ny wrote: »
    i ro ny wrote: »
    Wtf is he apologizing for?

    Put her on blast. She gon learn today.

    learn what exactly

    To not prejudge...
    To not be a racist fucking cunt...

    Among other things

    u seriously think this person is going to change because of this ordeal? she wasnt going to change whether he posted it or not.

    you think due to the backlash, shes going to be like:

    "hey yall, i learned something today. i was wrong. i won't ever prejudge people again"

    the world doesnt work like that. people, especially bigots/racists with YEARS of life experience, don't change after one event. and if you think otherwise, you are kinda delusional.

    I'm saying more that she needs to be aware that there are consequences for her actions.

    If her full name and picture was out there she would prolly be a bit embarrassed no matter if she a careless racist bitch. No one wants their business out for the entire world to see.(family, friends, your bosses etc)

    Also in this new social justice era, it could result in her getting fired because her job don't want the backlash.

    It could also resort to her getting harrased and having thousands of comments on all her social media everyday until the point she goes in hiding.

    I've personally witnessed all of these things from someone who did less than this woman.

    Don't underestimate the power of getting put on the summerjam screen.

    breh, that lady looked over 30.

    you dont think shes ever been taught "theres consequences for your actions"?

    the awareness is there. she knows. she gave NO fucks. why? because shes probably an asshole. all she will do is keep her asshole shit to herself and her circle of friends and family. her feelings towards actual shit didnt change as a result of this.

    Bruh we got 30+ year old white girls on this very board that are not aware that there's consequences for their actions.

    They don't go through the same shit we do. And they keep getting a pass because of soft apology ass niggas like the one in the op.

    If her career was on the line she'd think twice about doing that shit again.

    I'm nowhere saying that she'll magically become less racist. I firmly believe a large majority of white women are.

    But some don't have the audacity to say shit like that because they've been humbled before

    Exactly. Can’t let them walk around with their white privilege thinking the earth is for them, you gotta slap that shit down at every oppurtunity.

    It’s training. Same way they trained niggas to be docile and turn the other cheek and forgive, when they run up in churches and kill innocent black people.

    You don’t have to be belligerent, a polite “go fuck yourself” will suffice, but sometimes you also gotta put a verbal foot in a Edomite ass.

    Fuck being scared of “angry black man” stereotype. You should be angry. Stop apologizing for your blackness because they surely don’t apologize for their CACness.
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  • Re: The Official 2017 NFL Season Thread

    louis rich wrote: »
    LMAO @ super bowl contenders now playing for wild card spots

    I wish we could play the Jets, Bills and Dolphins 2 times a year.

    Ain’t no EZ-mode division titles to cruise to 1st round byes in the NFC South. Every team in this division been to a Super Bowl or two since the start of the millennium.
    Huey_CFly society513Maywood
  • Re: Porn Star, August Ames, 23, commits suicide after snowflakes harass her on Twitter

    fortyacres wrote: »
    she shoulda just log off , social media is the devil.

    She logged off from life
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  • Re: Gif the current state of your team


    Except for the game vs the Patriots, every L we took we basically gave the game away
    Stewcaddo manBeezus