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    There goes my "fat" tummy from the side. ;)

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    So uhhhh... the nfl really getting lit up this year... 15% of their entire roster were injured by week 2... will smith and oprah bout to launch a bunker buster at peewee leagues and high school football all across America...

    Think we living in the last days of the nfl.

    Naaaaa too many people making money from the NFL for it to go anywhere

    It will if mothers find out that they are giving their kids CTE.

    Aint the nfl you gotta worry about. Its the truth getting out about adolescent aged CTE that you have to worry about.

    And all a kid has to say it's my dream to play football, I'm sure most moms wouldn't want to stand in the way of their kids dream especially when for some of them football seems like the only way out of a bad situation

    my football story

    so...i got a cousin who like a year and some change older than me. When we were younger, I wanted to do everything he did. He wanted to play football and so did I.

    So we played for our uncle's lil youth football team. I should've known something was up when I had teammates with beards in 7th grade.

    Anyway, so one saturday, unc decides to put me in on special teams to kick off or whatever. We kicked the ball off, and I sweat to this day that my teammates pranked me b/c all of them didnt go anywhere near the kick returner. They peeled off and went towards blockers.

    So its 10 vs 10 just leaving me and the returner. This motherfucker looked like he was about 6'8 or some shit. Here we are in a stare down as he approaches me. I didnt fucking move one inch. Ya'll know how in the movies they get that close up of the snarl from a players helmet? I saw that shit.

    So he about 5 yards from me. This is really about to happen. In a flash, i looked up and saw the sky. Not a single cloud in sight. I saw a plane flying over to the Baton Rouge airport. I started thinking to myself, "damn, this the game my mama decide to come to". Closed my eyes, happened


    if you cant tell, i was depicted by no. 31.

    After I opened my eyes to see this nigga celebrating in the endzone, and my teammates laughing and shit

    Never played another down after that. Went to basketball and only played football if it was on Genesis or SNES.

    lol bitch nigga........naw craziest thing i seen on a football field was one of teammate got hit so hard on a punt return his shoulder pads exploded and fell apart right then and there....we was like Gotdamn!!!! funny thing is coach was like Elzo go return that punt, i couldnt find my receiving gloves in time so he sent homie in and i thank him for that...

    Lmao..this nigga said he couldn't find his receiving gloves like he was looking for them properly.
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    Thread is hilarious...
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  • Re: [Netflix] "NARCOS" August 28th

    Damn...RIP Gustavo man that was a real nigga...
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    This nigga built his own prison...

    I'm fucking dead.