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  • Re: ADHD! SHUT DA F*** UUUUUUP!!!!

    SosaDrill wrote: »
    Slim Fiasco said: ↑

    This doesn't surprise me at all, haha. It's just that I never thought it could potentially create anger in other rapper's fans haha

    I think it's also because they felt he is 'stealing real rap' from them, making it accessible to wider audiences, all the while being better than all rappers before him...

    Conspracy Gang said

    It really does rub most males who are fans of other rappers and hip-hop heads the wrong way. Just check out a message board called The Ill Community on

    They hate how these female Eminem fans I showed in those tweets bring that Pop boy band type fandom to the type of music these females like from Eminem to him. They know that typically records like a Mockingbird or a When I'm Gone or a Hailie's Song or a Not Afraid are what females love hearing. Because of the melodies, catchy choruses, production, sing songy style of the songs, the emotion in the way it is executed in these songs. Naturally females are just drawn to these type of elements and these type of Pop songs. They know this but the love and the popularity Eminem get's from these type of records and albums like The Eminem Show and Recovery just angers them and it's weird to me .

    They are very radical and extreme if a person on that message board doesn't like the traditional lyrical straight up rap type of rappers they like such as Jay Z, Nas, Rakim, Common, Royce, Scarface, Lupe Fiasco they act like u the most evil person on the planet lol just because u have a different taste in music

    They literally hate the infatuation females have with Eminem and the music they like from him. That on this board they literally pretend records like Mockingbird, Hailie's Song, Spend Some Time, Superman, Not Afraid, Stronger Than I Was, Beautiful, When I'm Gone, Space Bound, Headlights, Beautiful Pain, Say Goodbye To Hollywood etc don't exist. Because then they can also pretend and go with their agenda that Eminem doesn't have emotional, melodic, deep, introspective, personal, soulful songs like these and that he just raps about violence. They live in their own world when it comes to Eminem on that board

    They change the rules when it comes to Eminem because Soul in the most general sense by general consensus just means emotion and we know that is what Eminem generally known for, had the most success making emotional songs sales and impact wise, there isn't a more emotional rapper than him. If Mockingbird or Hailie's Song or Spend Some Time were made by Nas and were his songs they would be calling those songs the most soulful songs ever.

    A poster on that board who is a father who has a daughter or a son and loves their daughter or son will swear all day long they can't relate to Mockingbird and Hailie's Song, a poster who grew up without their father will swear all day they can't relate to Sing For The Moment, a poster who grew up in the hood in public housing in a poor inner city environment will swear all day they can't relate to 8 Mile Road or Rock Bottom or If I Had, a person who has been cheated on in a relationship or had a break up with a female and been in love will swear all day long they can't relate to Space Bound or Spend Some Time or Stronger Than I Was or The Hills, a poster who gets bad thot's and smashes bad thot's on the regular and their pimp game is strong will swear all day long they can't relate to Superman and So Bad, a poster who loves their mother will swear all day long they can't relate to Headlights, a poster who has been through depression will swear all day long they can't relate to Beautiful or Not Afraid or Going Through Changes, a poster who is street and lived a street lifestyle that has caught cases and been jail will swear all day long they can't relate to Soldier or The Drama Setter hook or the Talk To Me Hook or the Welcome To D-Block hook

    The hypocrisy is crazy on that board too a poster called Stew on there loves Outkasts music for vibes and just musically really loves them hates on Eminem fans for liking Eminem's music for the same reasons for vibes and musically. This dude thinks The Beatles are the most overrated group ever by the way. This dude said he doesn't want Eminem to make songs about his daughter but when Nas made a song about daughter he said that is what hip-hop needs. In fairness to him he is honest enough to admit he doesn't want to be associated with liking songs and music females like be it those who like Eminem records like Mockingbird and the records he sings on and are commercial and the same with trap music he knows how popular it is with females too so he doesn't want to be associated with current trap music like Future. He get's that on a song like Mockingbird it's the catchy hook and singing that attracts the females to like the song so much and the catchy beat.

    Literally no females post in the Reason the hip-hop discussion part of that board their weirdness puts females off from joining the board to post in the Reason. They don't actually them self realize how weird they look to female lurkers

    So @EminemBase was specifically talking about those weirdos and low self esteem dudes on that board and i'm not even trying to disrespect them because outside of the Eminem trolling they do and the weirdness they have when it comes to Eminem they are actually decent guys be it Mikey, Jamaica, Stew, DaleyRicanBandit, Cain, Nujerz, OnlyBuiltForCuban, Like Water etc

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    Fuck allat, in 2017 pretty girls like trap music.
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  • Re: The Official 2016/17 Football/Soccer Thread

    @toheeb27 fuck Arsenal, you should be watching the Madrid derby
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  • Re: BBC live online interview is interrupted by his kids & sliding-across-the-floor wife

    Copper wrote: »

    Lil girl bowled in the room like..


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  • Re: The Official World Politics Thread - All Breaking News here.

    Trump to get shot today???!!!

    INB4 it happens
  • Re: The Official World Politics Thread - All Breaking News here.

    And so it begins...