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  • Re: Ladies what type of Booty u working with

    This isn't a competition or I wouldn't have posted.the thread is about what kinda booty you have.

    Dudes have to make everything a contest..smh.

    I know Girl every

    I'm all excited up in here I love booty's!! Here is my IC ass list

    Ms. J
    Mrs. West

    I know I'm missing a few so I'll add to this....A chick doesn't have to have a donk to have a nice ass either.

    Sour-CreamYoung StefMr.LV
  • Re: The Official IC Pic Thread

    StewLurkristocrat John_BlaziniqawshunDexter Morganbuttuh_b
  • Re: Post a pic of your ride....

    Kimi wrote: »
    I don't have any pics of my Cars...I guess that's a guy!!

    Or is it cause u ridin in this and dont want nobody to know?


    Yup you got me, I'm pushing a pinto :-<
  • Re: Rhino, hippo, or lion?

    Sanchez is hilarious...
  • Re: How do ni99as bring themselves to simp on the internet

    Kimi wrote: »

    Isn't this what I said to you when you accused me of being a homewrecker and taking another posters man

    You insisted I was a liar and was sure that what you read on here was the truth.......

    Wait was I the only one who said that?

    Girl please, I defended you in that thread. In a chat I had with choice he broke it down for me, and said you did say you were going to fuck Ms jones fiancé and I believe it.
    You act like everything he says about me is true, but when he calls you out he's a liar...,ok. So if you have a problem take it up with choice for telling what happened or pimp who made the thread

    I bet you wont say shit to them though will Fuck outta here

    fuck outta here???? Why cause I call you out on your bs drama???


    No you weren't the only one.. never said you were... but recently in another thread you said " I don't care what you say I believe you fucked Ms Jones man" or something very similar to that.

    I was pointing out the fact that I said the same thing and YOU believed the lies anyway so why would you expect any poster to listen to your "truth" I said the entire thread about me that they were lying. Notice Ms Jones and I have NEVER spoke on this...... that should speak volumes but all anyone wants to see is drama on here

    Not that it really matters but I actually believed that ol boy was sending you those PM's... cause that's wat the IC males do. Talk shit in threads and simp females in Pm's.

    You should listen to Beezy's advice since you aren't trying to hear the exact same thing from anyone that challenges your opinion.....

    I do believe you said you were going to do whats your point?

    You don't have one, you're mad because I'm one of many who believed the rumor but haven't said shit to the dude that started it.
    That's wack, and I will post here for as long as I want to.

    Your anger is misplaced, if choice lied on you like you say, he's the one you should be bitching at. Not those who believe the so called lie.