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  • Re: Posters that have died over the years

    i always regret never asking him to explain that avi

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  • Re: Stereotypes:Pickup Basketball

    I wish I remembered the poster who said "I always ride around with a ball, shorts, and shoes in the trunk cause you never know when a game is gonna break out." One of the blackest things I've ever read on this site
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  • Re: COFFEE DRINKERS, which one of you will buy Death Wish coffee?

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    so New York can have this but no large cokes?

    NY State can probably,

    NYC, nah... Bloomberg is trying to turn NYC into the Demolition Man future.

    that doesn't sound good. Are people allowed to smoke anywhere in the city?

    Not sure the exact rules ( i probably should look these up), but no bars or places open to the public (parks and shit). And alot of buildings have a certain distance that you have to stand away from them.

    i'm coming to new york on friday and want to try to get in a game at Rucker Park. what's the best way to get there from midtown

    Take the B train from Columbus Circle to 155th, should be like a block away. Good luck though, it aint gonna get over 45 degrees this week.

    aight preshiate it. i'll ball in any weather
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  • Re: The Official Post Your Old Screen Name Thread

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    The Titan


    Og name stays secret

    prolly cuz you forgot

    probably because nobody ever knew it to begin with
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  • Re: Sons of Anarchy Season 5 Airs on September 4, 2012

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    Jax is absoultely going to get at pope some way. it won't be all gung ho like clay might do in that situation, but no matter why his daughter got killed, Pope was responsible for the death of Opie. Its not like those two things cancel out and now its a wah between jax and pope.. Jax isn't just going to charge that to the game

    I dont see how Pope was "directly" responsible for Ops death. He never said I want your best friend of some shit like that. He told Jax he needs a body because Tig took two of his. I do think he will try to out manoeuvre Pope from the gun running because of the heat it brings and how he wants to get out of it ASAP.

    well thinking rationally and objectively about the situation, Opie is probably the one most responsible, or maybe the guy who actually killed him...but I don't think the sons really view it like that. Someone else is always to blamed. I just don't see jax letting it go. I don't think he's being honet about Tig to Pope and i think he'll somehow turn that situation into a way of getting back at Pope.

    If this was season 1 or 2 or even 3 yeah I'd say that would be the normal course of action. But remember all those times it was Clay who had the gavel. Now Jax has had that moment where someone super close to him got dropped for no other reason that being a part of the game. Going after Pope would just perpetuate the cyclical crap thats been going on for the past few seasons and he has made it pretty clear he wants to get the fuck out of that.

    Secondly Pope is unlike anything they've ever faced....going after him would prolly bankrupt the club if it doesnt come around and destroy them first. I believe Jax is smart enough to realize this.

    i can see that angle...but i also see the angle where Pope tries to convince Jax that he's too smart to retaliate where in fact, Jax is smart enough to retaliate. He will just do so in proper, methodical way. He's not going to let Pope dictate their lives nor is he going to allow him to kill one of the sons. i think jax is playing up the "do what you want with tig" shit