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  • Re: Nas: The Indians saved the Pilgrim, And in return the Pilgrim killed them

    Elrawd wrote: »
    Fuck white culture.

    What culture? They stole medicine from the Arabs, agriculture from the Italians, religious ideas from the Israelis, architecture and philosophy from the Greeks... white culture is basically "Invade, steal their ideas, rename shit, pretend we do it better."

    You are correct kind sir. Got to give them credit for being straight savages and strong arming everything though. In my opinion thats the reason why white folks are so hung up on having firearms. They are a naturally aggressive warlike people and they are nervous deep down inside and constantly on edge waiting for the various ethnicities to exact revenge on em, which I personally don't think anyone is really thinking about (at least not on a major overthrow the white man scale). Folks just want to be treated equally and have a piece of the pie. Simple.
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  • Re: Jamie Foxx: 'black people are the most talented people in the world'

    There's a few books you can check out that will let you know about real world history and not the slanted history that you get from an european. I move with supreme energy (christlike) though, so I have more pity in my heart for europeans than I have hate or vengeance for them. Books like, "Lies my teacher told me" and "The iceman inheritance", are just a few examples of a good read which will give you an idea of europeans aggression.

    Basically, they take by force and then flip the game to make it seem like there were no precedents. They are quite skilled at that. I have to give it up to em. I'm now under the impression that many people are now hip to their trickery and they're slowly but surely losing their grip on things. Its only a matter of time as all nations rise and fall. The face of America is changing and its a beautiful thing. One.
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  • Re: Jamie Foxx: 'black people are the most talented people in the world'

    I think people tend to forget key moments in history. When it comes down to it, Blacks can do a hell of a lot more than entertain. Look at the history of "Black Wall Street" to name one example. Outshined any and everything that had to do with an european. What happened? Dirty white folks got mad and burned the place down. After all that talk about segregating, they couldn't stand to see that we'd pretty much run rings around em.

    Black folks didn't really go down hill until AFTER we integrated and were pushed into ghettos. There are a few of us that are slowly waking back up and trust me, these white folks know it. I'm catching little slick verbal jabs at work as of late for the simple fact that I'm not fitting into their ignorant stereotypes of our people. Tryin to rile me up. Its pretty bad actually.
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