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  • Re: Is it true if you get kick out the Military you wont find a job?

    wmj710 wrote: »
    For some people I supposes, but I've seen a few get kicked out and got better paying jobs then what the military was paying them.

    I've heard. I was speaking with a chick and she told me she know a few guys that got kicked out and got a civilian job IN THE ARMY. I'm like wow. I mean my shit is going to be because of lack of kissing ass even though I know my job very well.... but with a little over 2 years left I guess I can hang. It was something to think about
  • Well since I can't find a BLACK chick with my likings do yall think I should mess with white women?

    You've seen my thread on not finding a chick of what I'm looking for(it's pretty legit) So i was thinking what about white chicks? I ran into this white chick from college last year and she is the Britney spears type(before she was on crack) except she hang around black and white people regulary.

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  • Re: Well since I can't find a BLACK chick with my likings do yall think I should mess with white women?

    Your list is too long if i remember your thread correctly. You need to cut that shit down to a top 5 and go from there.

    Dating white isnt going to change that though i recommend trying every race of woman and going with what you prefer.

    yeah BUT most white chicks don't have a secondary character they have to perceive. They don't have to be "the baddest chick" or be a nicki minaj. They can pretty much be a plan ol jane type of chick. but black girls feel they have to act a certain way and find the wrong shlt cool. there are some white girls like that I'm sure but it's not many to where it's a problem..............

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  • Jeezy making it hard for Ross to eat. Where is he?

    Haven't heard ross in a min other than those side items mixtape singles. yeah 2010 he had Austin Martin. then 2011 he was all over the place with 2pac's back and ima boss and blowin money fast was iight. but shiddd 2012 he ain't putting out no heat like that. It's hard for Ross to eat these days
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  • Where is a good place to go to meet quality blk women that's not caught up on club/TV life?

    I ain't trying to date chicks that's into Nicki Minaj.
    2. I ain't trying to date chicks that don't got a problem staying in the ghetto and barely making it.
    3. chick that gots a car.
    4. classy.
    5. chick that don't smoke weed. one thing that kills your style is a chick smoking, smh like ima kiss you.
    6. 1 child is pushing it but i know it's rare but Ima need a chick that aint got kids. I think if you done had a child you made a big mistake wit some ngga especially if yall never was married.
    7. Ima need a chick that's not all about waiting for the weekend to get here only to go clubbing like is that all you got.
    8. not into chicks that watch shlt like 106 park/jersey shore cuz all that is a bad influence,
    9. this one gone hurt, It would be nice to have a chick that grew up with her parents. most chicks that don't always use their growing up expereince for why they are: gay,smoke weed, escorting, having babies all over the place, using nggas.
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