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  • Re: Do you believe homosexuality is a choice, genetic etc...?

    What you're not understanding is attraction is completely subjective looking from the outside looking in. How can I tell who or what the next man is attracted to, if not through his actions?

    I don't really have a response to this, since I don't know how it applies to my question, all I have to say is whether you can tell what/who someone is attracted to is irrelevant to whether it's possible to be born straight or gay.
    And yes you can control who you're sexually attracted to. You see a beautiful women with curves in all the right places, you ask around, and find out she's burning niggas. Are you sexually attracted to her? Hell no. Maybe your brother's/best friend's girl is someone you consider to be beautiful, or maybe your cousin, sister, daughter, niece, mother in law etc. are beautiful women. Are you sexually attracted to them? No, by choice.

    Like I said earlier, we're not animals. Our mind supersedes all of those instinctive urges.

    That's not controlling who you're sexually attracted to, that's controlling who you would, and would not have sex with. You're still attracted to their appearance, but you would not have sex with them due to social situations/deal breakers.

    Besides, this wouldn't be an issue for a hetero person, because hetero people are not attracted to the same sex at all. Therefore, they don't have to make a choice whether or not they are going to have a sex with this other nigga, because there will never be a choice to make. (aside from shit like "straight" people doing gay porn, which is why I mentioned it was both in my first post)

    If a person is attracted to the same sex, and chooses to not have the sex with the same sex, "because they're a human", They are still gay, whether you know it or not.
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  • Re: Do you believe homosexuality is a choice, genetic etc...?

    I seem to be seeing a few, "Even if they are sexually attracted to the same sex, they should just ignore that sexually attraction because it'so bad and stuff." "So since they can ignore it, it'seems still a choice."

    Let me ask yall, outside of religious reasons, why should they ignore it? What harm are they causing you?
  • Re: Do you believe homosexuality is a choice, genetic etc...?

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  • Re: Do you believe homosexuality is a choice, genetic etc...?

  • Re: The Flash (CW)

    Going to ignore it if there is no explanation, since there is always plot holes in pretty much any plot that uses time travel, but why is there no existing Barry in the timeline he just entered, when there was an already present Barry back when he traveled back in time to when he was a kid?

    Only guess I'd make is when the two barry's are like enough, they merge together into one Barry.
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