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  • Re: R.I.P TRILL 5015 aka Ivan

    This has to be the most elaborate attempt for a male poster to try pretend to be a girl on the internet.

    Nigga actually waited around for a complete stranger to die, so that he could claim that that was the male part of his account.

    Never seen anything like it.nh

    most truths are unbelieveable....either that or im just a sick sick person
  • My Worst Date Ever

    It happened a few years ago when I was working at a hair salon. A very cute guy came in to get his hair cut by a coworker and we started chatting. He seemed nice and normal enough. After he left, I told his stylist that I thought he was cute. She told him and the next thing I knew, he was calling me and asking me out. We decided to meet at a local bar a few nights later.

    I had to stay at work later than I thought so I called to let him know I would be late. He said that was fine and that he would just hang out at the bar until I got there. I got there an hour late (totally unavoidable) and apologized profusely. Well, apparently in the hour that he had been waiting for me, he got HAMMERED. We’re talking swaying, slurring, eyes glazed over- drunk. Within two minutes of me being there, he found out my birthday was in August and proceeded to berate me for being a Leo, saying that all Leos are psycho bitches/liars/whores that only want attention, etc. etc. etc. I stood there dumbfounded for a few seconds, not sure why he was screaming at me like this, until at some point during his rant he let out that his ex-girlfriend was a Leo. The pieces fell into place: Recently broken up, crazy ex- girlfriend, hurt feelings, booze, drunk rant…

    I felt bad for the guy but turned on my heels and got the hell out of there bad cause he was really good looking i would have gave him some sooner or later if he would of play'd his cards right.

    Ladies have you ever met a guy you would of gave it up to if it wasn't for the fact he did something dumb af to mess it up?
  • Re: R.I.P TRILL 5015 aka Ivan

    TonyDubbz wrote: »
    Oh yea, u a foster child, I fuck wit that...word to everything I had this group home bout 6 blocks from me, I mustve smashed at least 5 chicks from there, never met a foster chick that wasnt live, word.


    Group home bitches.. Had a group home that opened up not even 5 minutes from my crib & got a bunch of random troubled chicks from some other home that got closed down me & my boy stayed going over there once we found out a few of em was down for whatever.

    True story my dude, them bitches is nasty, in a good way...thats why I know the shorty in Trill avi is a freak.

    adopted + lip ring + red hair + tongue ring (I know she got one) = superwhore...word.

    fuck off pig what i do is none of your business not like i would let you hit anyways i can already tell im to good for any of you
  • Re: R.I.P TRILL 5015 aka Ivan

    R.I.P IVAN He looks so peaceful
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  • R.I.P TRILL 5015 aka Ivan

    This week has been tragic and tough for me. my lil cousin was murdered last weekend. no one knew the real him on here. But we always use to play around on this site talking shit and now I'm left alone. its gonna be hard without u here migo. u maybe gone but he'll never be forgotten R.I.P IVAN one half of TRILL 5015
    Below is a link to his Fb page!/ivanfmb?__user=100003989616693