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  • Re: 50 and Ross pointing IG fingers at eachother yet again

    gee757 wrote: »
    Renzel is on ESPN college game day getting that blk market plug n he ain't thinking bout a muuunkee

    This nicca said band from the 757... Stop cuh you nicca a have no unity at all. Norfolk don't fucc with Newport News or Hampton . Portsmouth don't fucc with no one . That other shit is weak. U loco cuh the last thing anyone is scared of is the 757.

    Ain't u from Cali? How r u speaking on the 7cities? I will say niggas stick 2 they own out here but niggas get along @ clubs & shit....wen I said banned from the 757 I meant n bad news va.... meanin curly could do a show n Norfolk & bad newz niggas could show up & spray the shit up #facts........n 07 woodface tried 2 bring his wack ass I get money tour 2 the 757 & the shit got canceled cuz low ticket sells & curly ain't been back 2 the 757 since then #facts.......& woodface would call u a lie cuz he was scared wen he was getting death threats 4 dissin bad newz.....& curly was forced 2 come 2 the 757 & cop a plea talking bout he ain't mean 2 make a whole city mad live on 103jamz on the Buddha brothers morning show n 05 #facts

    I'm from Los Angeles . But u see them crips out onley park and down tidewater? You see them bounty hunters out Newport News in Jefferson Ave. I know my shit cuh. Real one here an I have big ties to 757.

    I'll speak on this due to my former ties. It's been documented by me I've been crippin since 10. I'm 35. Too stop bangin you would need parents to start guiding there children, older homies to push the younger away from temptation , community togetherness and resources into activities for the youth.

    I started bangin watching my family( uncles pop older brother) in this time no one said yo don't do what we do, don't be a fuck up, I've done everything under the son and been through San Quentin to terminal island Feds . 2012 I saw my nephew murdered and didn't know it was him until I parked the car. I was on papers and I wanted revenge . My hands were tied but I was sure he would not die in vain and tiny homies would get some revenge. Well they didn't and that was the last day that I've ever banged or set tripped. fucc banging let's build together starting with ourselves then our love ones . Let that spread through the community .

    It can happen cause when we had the peace treaty in LA it worked until the cops started doing drive bys claiming it was rival gangs
  • Re: Question..What rapper do you see yourself making good friends with and hanging out with them daily?

    None because all they would wanna do is take pics and say there hangin wit the crips on the shaw.
  • Re: Thugger Exposes Game

    Game and goons in Atlanta .. Funny shit . This nicca pay 60s to hold him down so he can float easy in LA. I always ask my Brodie's why they fucc with this guy. Obviously it's the paper
  • Re: Snoop Dogg Kicked Out Of The Hood By LBC Crips

    Wish snoop would have left this shit alone. No need to address niccas that have nothing to lose. Every nicca that get something and leave the hood is a target. My nicca need to stay out in Vegas were he at make party music and do him. Cuh ain't bangin and don't need to worry about it. He might need to make that call to Big draws or Tray D to defuse this shit.