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  • I said it once say it again Jay Z is a wack Rapper to me get over it

    5 Simple Reasons.

    What he Raps about Money, Drugs, Cars etc lacks a lotta Songs with Substance, his Music isn't moving or makes you relate to what he saying.

    His catalouge heard every Album and while i can admit Reasonable Doubt was good didn't enjoy any of his Albums they were boring to me and lacked replay value and the fact he made so many poor Albums.

    He always gets RnB Singers on many Songs to do the Hook and if you heard 1 Jay Z Song you heard them all 1 dimensional Topics, lack of Substance, Formulatic method of RnB Singer on Hook.

    Rappers that make similar Music to him as far as Subject Matter, Style, Topics like Mase, Rick Ross, Fabolous, Camron, T.I. etc are better Musically and have better Albums IMO.

    He isn't a good Song Writer in what he says Lyrically, being Deep and putting Emotion in his Music is big weakness for him. And he never been able to craft good Hooks for Hits.

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  • Re: I said it once say it again Jay Z is a wack Rapper to me get over it

    Eminem has over a 100 Introspective Deep Songs, 2pac has over a 100, Scarface has over a 100, ZRO has over a 1000

    Jay Z's to me werent good like where i got moved or felt what he was saying in a Song like Fallin
  • Why Messi is the greatest Footballer ever

    Firstly he not only scores a ridiculous amount of goals each season over 30 goals on average a season he also provides assists and creates goals for his team mates. He is technically suberb he can shoot and score from distance, he has all round passing range, he can dribble and accelarate past players with ease. Lastly he also works hard to defend for the team.

    He has Won major trophies at a young age. Champions League the highest level of Football.

    There have been other great players in recent years however can you say they could do what Messi does actually score so many goals as well as create so many too each season?

    infamous114Figonj2089ragenorthside7Co_Town_MichaelThe Douce
  • Re: Why Does Everyone Hate On Drake?

    Nothing againist Drake just don't like his Music he is too 1 dimensional in Content mainly just Raps about relationships with females but the biggest turn off from his Music is his style of RnB Singing on Hooks sounds way too horrible.
  • Better Artist Scarface vs Jay Z

    Gotta go with Face better Lyrics, Content, Emotion and overall Substance makes him better IMO and would take The Fix, My Homiez over Reasonable Doubt.
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