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    yall might as well break the feelings button cause it wont stop me from talking shit fck them usless ass buttons
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  • Re: ITS OVER!!!!! (Me&My Girl Just Broke Up)

    Uhh you WERE cheating though.

    i cheated once and she didnt know it so why she accusing
    Mr.LV wrote: »
    Do you have a car because scorned women tend to fuck those up real quick? Scratched paint,puncture tires busted out windows shit of that nature.

    i do but if she touch it she gone have a fatal accident the same night

  • ITS OVER!!!!! (Me&My Girl Just Broke Up)

    long story short we been on the rocks ever since that talk we had about givin me head. She wanna be slick disrespect but she clearly forgot whose name is on the lease so i wait for her to go out then locked her ass out my house. Now this happened sunday she been staying at her parents house for the last two days (most of her shit at my place). Now i admit we was trying to get back right send text&talking on the phone. So today she came over talking bout shes gonna change everythang was cool we was chilling one thing lead to another. We in the bed&when it comes down to it she still didnt suck the dick -_-. So i made some slick comment about another bitch she got hot wanna go through my phone&check my facebook couldnt find shit yet started accusing me of cheating. The bitch tried to baby boy my ass but i wasnt havin it. I go to the closet grab her fav dress&tore that bitch up. Told her leave before more of her shit get tore up so she dips (after i let her grab most of her clothes)...........its 9:27pm where im at&i just got a text from the bitch saying we over......(kanye shrug) IM FREE BITCH
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  • Re: Trapped In This Girls House (I Cheated)

    Hitta wrote: »
    Hitta wrote: »

    he got those blood bruhs-he gangsta

    na im not gangsta im just not some bitchs troll internet gangsta like u if a nigga really got a problem with me then come see me i aint that hard to find aint nobody hidden behind a computer screen round my way no either u gone back that shit u talking up or hush

    you aint a gangsta but you gotta mention your blood bruhs-gtfoh

    na i didnt say i was blood i just said i live in a all blood hood u the one bringing up the aryan brotherhood like im suppose to be scared its 2012 bru aint nobody running from them and i see all u doing is talking na so im done with ya

    you postin your addy like you tough-i was trollin-but you out here actin like you gansta-sayin you aint gangsta

    smh whatever just cause i aint blood still dont mean i wont whoop ya ass thats all i gotta say and thats not being gangsta thats beng real now be gone
  • Re: What's up with Black people trying to push this gay agenda

    i got hit with feeling but yall spot on i take offense to that hell this brings me back to my why blame it on blacks thread i made why tf is it everytime its a people problem yall wanna label it as a black problem -_- all this threads i see talking about blacks about gays,being over weight,accepting single mothers in church and shit is all PEOPLE PROBLEMS not black problems so why tf is it yall always wanna make it a race thing or do i have to start making why is it white people,why is asian people or mexican people threads to even shit out in the I.C
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