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  • Re: WWE PPV thread - WWE Backrash

    So WWE gives a member of the 3MB a title run because they want to expand in India ?

    I understand the business behind it but there has to be a wrestler on the market from India that wasn't apart of the 3MB

    Mark Henry couldn't get a run but a member of 3MB does ?

    Booker T couldn't get a run with the belt but a member of 3MB does ?

    It's so many guys we could name before I ever imagine a former member of 3MB getting a WWE title run

    Schit, let's give Pete Gas or Blue Meanie a run while we're at it
  • Re: Twista Versus Busta Rhymes who has the better musical catalog???

    3Hunna wrote: »
    5 Grand wrote: »
    3Hunna wrote: »
    I always hated anyone using a sped up flow

    It just doesn't sound sonically good nor appealing to me


    Every once in a while a sped up flow is cool, but I can't listen to a whole album like that.

    It's a well known fact I hate technical lyricism been a known fact since I first joined this board just not my cup of tea at all

    But when u doing it with a sped up flow it's even worst

    Sometimes it's about being honest too I actually don't understand technical lyrical complex emcees lyrics like Jay Z, Nas, Busta Rhymes, Canibus, Lupe Fiasco, Andre 3000, Big Pun, Rakim. I hate the style but I actually don't understand their bars

    Word Play is just not appealing or interesting to me in the slightest

    I'm reading this post,
    Posted on a board named allhiphop

    The irony

    I have finally come to terms with understanding why Nas named his album.what he did some years back
  • Re: White Men Can't Jump vs. Above the Rim

    ghostdog56 wrote: »
    Idk man Above the Rim had the better bball sequences and better soundtrack...but WMCJ was jokes all the way thru plus niggas gotta explain to me how Nutso smacked the backboard and fell down that same alley as Bishop

    The better question is who the fuck puts a basketball rim in front of a ledge in the first place, I know mad balls done fell over the side of that shit

    I could never get past that .
    WOAT place to put a goal
  • Re: I Was A Big Hip Hop Head In High School

    Remember the eminem and 50 cent hype clearly.

    I don't think anyone has had such a buzz as 50 in 02-03.

    These kids had never heard his mixtapes yet bought his debut based on his backstory and aftermath cosign.

    50 was a monster

    Biggest shit ever at that time .
    Can't forget that BEEF DVD coming out added fuel to the fire. Had niggas all over the country in barbershops discussing Queens shit like they knew 50,ja & preme personally lol

    Who woulda thought getting shot 9 times would be the hype needed to go diamond
  • Re: Nas - You're da man Appreciation thread

    Don't forget the missing verse version

    So thats why the second verse opens up wit "... Wait a second, gimme time to explain.... "

    Got dayum
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