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  • Re: The Official World Politics Thread - All Breaking News here.

    I'll give some examples of talking points, many of which were right wing,that were parroted by some here and elsewhere.

    "Democrats dont care about black people"-uh, what is that supposed to even mean? Many of them are black themselves including the (then) first family. They stop being black because they are Democrats? You think all Democrats take their skin off and become immune and apart from black issues when they get elected? Its not so ludicrously simple or cut and dry.

    "Hillary and Trump are just the same" (too ludicrous to even get into) or "just as bad"-again ridiculously simplistic and idiotic stance. What about looking at things like actual policy proposals.

    "Voting doesnt matter" etc.
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  • Re: For those of you who say Obama never did nothing

    Yeah its of course nonsense and inaccurate to say "obama did nothing for whoever" What does that even mean? He did his Job as President very well in my opinion. The economy was basically gone. It has done nothing but grow since he has been President. That didnt effect you? how? I sure have benefitted. There were 2 wars going simultaneously things were way more tense internationally. Etc. Those people are just being ridiculous. There all numerous tangible things in addition to just the atmosphere where I have been able to advance during his terms. I didnt sit around even thinking "what is Obama doing for me" that never crossed my mind. I simply took advantage of what was there. Some of which was due to him and his policies and politics. There have been opportunities if you think there were none for you you werent trying thats an individual issue. Obama couldnt live your life and lead everything for you that type of thinking is your flaw.
  • Re: Tiny files for divorce from T.I.?

    MR.CJ wrote: »

    Reluctant smash

    Yeah thats what im thinkin. I aint cause me and her different lanes, but I cant even hate on those pictures.
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  • Re: Don't sell heroin (or don't get caught anyway)

    That picture is downtown Covington not Cincinnatti. On one hand thats a bunch of years. On the other he's in his 30s, I try not to judge because I dont know all details of everything, but hey, like thread title says. Moreso the first part of the thread title.
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  • Re: Trump Encourages Nuclear Arms Race

    Karl. wrote: »
    I still can't believe you guys voted him in.

    Aint no "you guys" some of us actually paid attention to what was said by each during the campaign and actual ramifications and took it seriously and voted accordingly. What happened was some sat oout on one side (for what reason I still dont understand) while others came out on the other. Also the white woman vote didnt do as expected (again who knows why) But naw "them" guys voted him in. And too many others lazily let him be voted in.
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