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  • Re: **Spinoff** Things you thought you'd NEVER live to see in Hip-Hop or music in general.....

    Im surprised by how much energy people put into music they "dont like". Its mostly an internet thing. Like common sense just dont fck with it then. It just looks sorry and lame. I didnt expect the late 80s hair styles and fashions to come back around.
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  • Re: As Far as Hip-Hop Goes, Doesn't Gucci Mane Deserve a Lot More Respect Than He Already Does?

    Man he one of them where those who like his music fck with it. He got several songs I fck with. The fact some go out of their way to "hate" on him comes with the territory of who he is. For some reason he makes people get all salty and they seem to resent that he has had success . Looks like some jealousy too. And jokes its kinda a knee jerk thing...I dont know why but thats how some people act about him on the internet. But dude's great/genius level at what he does. I guess that makes some feel some type of way. Shrug I just listen to what I like I aint got time for all that worrying about who I "dont" personally. Its not really a "thing" in reality as I see it though.
  • Re: That New Barbershop Movie Looks Like A Coon Orgy

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    Lmao niggas are the WORST...can't please 'em. And then by chance if you do whats the benefit??

    Jordan got the right idea..NO NIGGAS. Take my shoes give me your money and shut the fuck up

    Its not blk folks... its just these face less outliers on the internet , who consider blk ppl doing anything cooning.
    U know they dont get pussy, cause they hate women. So they just stay on ill pix and jerk off, they consider that getting dimes. Then afterm they watch a conscious video, and sit in their arm chair and think they huey P.

    Yeah everybody on here aint black or even close. A lot of times people sayin "coon" and its like thats just a black person makin moves. Just cause somebody is on here and hasnt revealed doesnt automatically mean they black. Not even close.
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  • Re: Desiigner’s “Panda” Charts Higher Than Any Solo Future Song Ever Has (UPDATE: Hits #1)

    Think its safe to say a lot of yall feel some type of way about Future's success and desperatley hope for his downfall.Do you not realize how lame you look doin that? Its even beyond lame. Embarrassing. Emotionally driven sht man. Where yall from and live where yall sit around whinin about dudes like this?
  • Re: That New Barbershop Movie Looks Like A Coon Orgy

    Im pretty neutral. I probably wont go to see it. But If its your thing, I dont care about other people watching it. Its like some people dont realize everything aint for everybody. Different people like different stuff. Just dont watch it and go about your life. At the same time there is a part of me that likes to see Cube and everybody doin their thing. Good for them its kinda gratifying that people mad about it. Like yeah they doin their thing deal with it. As far as stereotypes and everything- it dont look that bad. Cant go around worrying about what "they" might think. Within reason of course and this aint unreasonable. Cube aint never cared about that anyway. And of course it hasnt even came out yet so people just talkin to talk. Also Its just a movie.
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