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  • Re: How Come Mid 90s NY Rap Didn't Sell?

    5 Grand wrote: »
    So basically this thread was a big waste of time.

    We're going on 20 pages and still nobody has addressed the question that I've asked over and over and over again and again. You guys keep diverting attention from what I'm asking, changing the subject, posting memes and .gifs and making ad hominem attacks when the question is very simple; how the hell is Regulate...G Funk Era 3X plat and Illmatic is only 1X plat?

    How is that possible?

    Illmatic is talked about on here and some other places on the internet. Nas said a lot of white people bring it up to him. Sites like this always had a lot of white people trying to influence but that has no pull in the streets and such. There is and always has been a big difference between what people "like" on here and what people are actually listening to out there in the street, cars, clubs, etc. In my realm nobody really talked about it or talks about that cd. Its at most considered a good cd. No hate but its just what people say on the internet and what really goes on out there are different. Warren G had Regulate and some more big hits and it was a big cd at the time. I havent heard it in over a decade but neither have I heard Illmatic in over a decade. It doesnt come up in my regular life. Sometimes I hear songs from these cds and its cool. It aint hard to tell is that sht as is Regulate. Not hatin on either Im sure in NY and around there they look at Illmatic differently than down here in the streets its probably looked at differently but have to look at the big picture at the same time. The world is bigger than just the Northeast. Again not hatin because I reserve the right to listen to Illmatic or Warren G or whoever I want whenever I want. Warren G's cd was bigger because it had bigger singles (like Regulate) which people felt in more areas. That doesnt mean people didnt like Nas's singles cause It aint hard to tell was the sht from the start to me here in GA. Just Warrens thing was bigger at the time.
  • Re: Prodigy meets Tru Life

    Good to see him meet a rapper and no punching taking place
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  • Re: Father Gets Killed For Getting Son's Cap Back

    Its a failed state/nation. Says more than enough about the quality of the police force that crimes like this still happen on a regular basis...America should be ashamed of themselves that anno 2016 there is still so much poverty, crime and ' design or whatever, mofos dropped the ball..

    I wouldnt say that. Watching the Olympics seeing all these gold medals just watched Phelps swim relay USA kickin much ass. Got me like U.S.A. not exactly a fantasy land but USA lookin like the greatest. It aint all doom and gloom for everybody here not even close. There are definitely issues but its the opposite of a failed state relatively speaking.
  • Re: I wrote a 200 bars. What you think?

    Lmao that first line roasted many of the posters on this site on the low.
  • Re: Taxstone Calls 2Pac & Cam’ron “Rats”

    If you are doing your legal job/ not breaking any law and report being a victim thats not "snitching" or "ratting" neither of these people told on their "partners in crime" (they weren't even committing any crimes to begin with at the times). You can expose somebody who committed a crime on you as a law abiding citizen all day. "snitching or ratting" have nothing to do with it...*yawn*...anyway its not even worth arguing so whaever at this point. Happy I have a grasp on actual reality and i'll leave it at that. I think its a good thing I dont agree with this guy haha. Thats a good sign Im doing something right in life.