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  • Re: Big Baller Brand Didn’t Sell Nearly As Many Lonzo Ball Shoes As Initially Reported

    I just noticed something looking at the last several posts in this thread. He gettin continued publicity and the people who "dont like" what they are doing are the main ones still thinking/talkng about it. The last several posts show this. Yet they dont understand the bigger picture here. Trying to overthink and rationalize. They trying to make money. Yes they can do it too deal with it. We get it it aint emotional or about feelings and who you "like" nobody cares about your emotions smh. They got the naysayers the most interested and intrigued. Im fine with them selling to who they sell to and nobody is stopping that so what are yall saying?

    really bruh?

    I guess all lives matter to you also huh?

    So you think they should limit themselves and hold back on pricing? Does Gucci or Bally or Louie do this? Why should BBB try to settle for less? Just dont buy them. It makes no sense that they should do anything differently than they are doing it and guess what? Im right because everything Im sayingis whats actually happening. So again what are the naysayers even...talking about on any level? Nothing. All people gotta do is not buy them all the extra is nonsense.

    aint got shit to do with limits.
    his model is fukked up and is destructive an this nigga aint even doing the hardwork.

    his attitude sucks ass an is not helpful to those coming after him and he's hurting his sons.

    it's bigger than a shoe...his aggression kills him before he gets off the ground.

    its not about black or white per se but it is apart of it.

    you are missing the big picture. but whatever...

    what type nigga says I'm right?
    ole chin up I got the better sand castle ass nigga.
    yea. you got it

    See...we on 2 different wavelenghts here...I went back and read the first post and they apparently made $157,000...In one day...Before dude has even stepped foot on an NBA court. Thats all I'll say on that. This aint personal or emotional for me Im on a higher level than that. I dont have any real issue with you. Its just "he should..." uh no he dont gotta do none of that. My "side" has everything in this "debate" yours has nothing but emotion. What about the business? Numbers and everything else. Too bad for you it hurts you but they already doing it. You have nothing to do with that. Dont buy them if you dont like it. Is there anything else I can help you understand? Cause if not let them do their business their way (they doing that regardless) and it will do what it does. That is literally the end of discussion....$157,000 made in one day.


    you think thats money?

    to who?

    it may seem like alot but it ain't shit on the grand scheme.

    you catch more flies with honey.

    he could have tripled that by being humble and having a business model worded differently.

    you thinking niggas want him to fail...
    did you ever think they want him to win but see him burying himself AND taking his sons with him?

    you can't be that dense

    Chuckle. Do I think 157000 in one day is money? Uh...Yeah. And Im not entertaining any nonsense from people who havent made that much in one day about how thats "not money?" anybody can say that. Those are dollars. All you have is emotion I killed everything you are saying. All you have is "they should" nonsense. Your so dense your worried about other grown men's business...let that sink in. Your saying nothing. This is pointless they are doing what they do their way. My point. Deal with it the end.
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  • Re: I Miss the Old Atlanta

    I never understood supposedly straight niggas fascination with gay dudes in Atlanta. Niggas that have never been to Atlanta seem to be obsessed with the gay culture out here. Nigga, it's bad bitches out here outnumbering niggas something serious. If the only thing u picturing about atlanta is gay niggas, that speaks volumes about u

    Yeah dont come around trying to pollute this thread with your thoughts. Nobody is even...the city has had and continues to have a lot of success. A disproportional amount. There are some salty about it winning can make losers catch feelings. But to the point where you walk around with that as your first thought? Shts weird. Just gotta let em lay wherever they are.
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  • Re: Do u feel Blacks associate ourselves with poverty 2much at the cost of not identifying asMiddleClass

    jono wrote: »
    Well let's be honest, no matter what attributes you say is the reason for someone's success there are millions who are in the same boat and didn't have the same success.

    Millions of 6'4" niggas ain't Michael Jordan
    Millions of mixed niggas ain't Barack Obama etc

    We can do that for any attribute you want. What makes a person is their experiences and how they handled it.

    Taking risks and sacrificing, working hard and making better choices, that's what its about really.

    You ain't gotta be perfect, nobody is perfect.
    You do have to be persistent and you do have to believe in yourself.

    People fear failure and rejection, they don't really believe in themselves and they make poor decisions there should be no surprise why they're stick in the hood.


    Whats will these sweeping generalizations

    There are plenty of 6'4 niggas around but very few blessed with the athleticism, coordination and intelligence and upbringing of a Michael Jordan

    Same with Obama, plenty of mixed niggas around... but Obama was blessed with a high IQ, a way with words, educated parents and a stable home life

    Point being they grew up with plenty of advantages. Not to mention with success there is a lot of luck involved

    I'd argue Mike wouldnt be close to the man he is today had his father who played a major role in his upbringing been killed when Mike was in grade school opposed to when he was an adult

    Hard work and confidence is important but lets not pretend as though circumstances don't matter or matter very little...shit is far from the truth...

    Its no coincidence most ppl who are born poor will die poor

    And lets talk about what poverty related stress does to the brain, especially the young brain

    I'd encourage anyone to strive to be their best but this idea that the ppl who live in the hood are there simply because of something they failed to do needs to die

    Also someone like Jordan out worked everybody else too. He was in the gym. Same with Obama he studied hard.
  • Re: Is TheReason in denial? Are we living in a bubble?

    I look at it like this site is entertainment. When Im out doing things Im listening to whatever new songs are out or classics, etc. At home pretty much same thing. I listen to new and old songs. Im not listening to Jay Electronica I never heard dude in my life or someone like Lupe or Canibus or even much of Nas.Nas is someone who has some songs through the years I jam to if they come on but he is not a prominent figure in my current listening. People you dont really hear about outside any or much outside of here. Its like an alternative universe that's different from whats really going on in my world. This aint to dis any of these type of artists but this is where you get comedy about people I wouldnt hear about otherwise. Thats part of the draw.
  • Re: Uncle Ben Carson: Slaves Were Immigrants Who Came Here and Worked Really Hard ‘for Less’

    I mean, gotta look at the actual quotes and what was said instead of the sensationalism. And it was in whatever context. And I mean, its...I think its more of a type thing where he's attempting to illustrate a particular situation. As I read it here it doesnt offend me. Just looking at the actual quote. I guess the biggest thing is the use of the word "immigrant"? I'd have to look up the definition but I dont know that it doesnt necessarily apply loosely considering He did actually acknowledge their situation and conditions. This as it stands now doesnt strike me as horrible. Just that quote in itself.
    Im not the knee jerk type man I gotta process. Things aint always about first emotional response I generally aint that type. Calculating. Now if enough evidence is apparent in one direction then hey it is what it is. Im just taking thisone quote and analyzing.

    Nigga wtf his entire quote was bullshit in or out of context. Slaves did not come here in search of prosperity and opportunity for themselves nor their kids and grandkids. Why are you tryna jump through hoops to make excuses for this factually incorrect, stupid ass shit?

    Uh, I'll repost the part I think people are talking about here.
    1CK1S wrote: »

    “That’s what America is about,” Carson said. “A land of dreams and opportunity. There were other immigrants who came here in the bottom of slave ships, worked even longer, even harder for less. But they too had a dream that one day their sons, daughters, grandsons, granddaughters, great grandsons, great granddaughters might pursue prosperity and happiness in this land.”

    Now in this quote, which is all im addressing, no emotion just analyzing, did he not acknowledge the conditions they came in? Why did the ones who chose to, bring kids into the situation, did they not think that there would be hope for them? I mean just being knee jerk is a problem and one that can really hurt the knee jerker. Sometimes its about analyzing and really seeing whats going on. Look at the actual quote. Thats part of the issue in this country right now people go off snippets used to manipulate and emotion. Im not defending him but this quote in and of itself is not horrible. The only thing would be the use of the word immigrant but I dont know that it doesnt apply in a loose sense. Im a thinker and dont do the knee jerk thing because that gets you into trouble I can see more than the surface emotional level. Thats all im pointing out here look at what he actually said. He didnt say it was a trip to Disney world in fact just the opposite smh. Can you not acknowledge that?