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  • Re: WOW, computer scientists claim that there is evidence the election was hacked, Urge Clinton

    It would be different if Hillary "lost" she actually "won". She got more votes than her long as that happens and you can still "lose" there will be a big issue. The results go against the will of the majority of voters. That alone is a huge issue. It will need to be addressed at some point. its happening continually now.
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  • Re: The Official Trump Supporters Thread For The Next Four Years +

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    Niggas in here defending HILLARY.

    The bitch pulled hot sauce out of her purse on radio for fucks sake.

    Yeah, the horror haha. Fck the implications of having the alternative in office. She had some hot sauce. I'll say again she had some hot sauce!
  • Re: The Official American Politics Thread - Breaking News: Joe Biden will run for President in 2020

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    I'm telling you....what should happen if this shit keeps up to wake this fucking country up:

    A mob should rush the Capitol building, maybe even the State of the Union.

    Something very drastic might have to happen to counter this shit.

    You don't have a right to complain about anything that Trump and his white nationalist movement is doing.

    You helped him get elected.

    Nobody owed Hillary Clinton a vote. She as a candidate should have made a better case for why he should've voted for her as opposed to any other candidate.

    This whole..... she ""should have made a better case "" just ain't goin' to cut it considering who she was running against and what we now have to endure for the next 4 years

    And I think a lot of you have to start being honest with yourself

    All the blatant racist,bigoted,insulting misogynist derogatory things Trump has said black people,Muslims,Hispanic,women,veterans and even the disable
    The discriminatory and unconstitutional polices & Laws he promised he will enforce as President

    If THAT wan't enough to make a sensible (black) person go : ""Hmmm.....Hillary has some shit with her, and Lord knows I can't stand the pandering bitch....But goddamn!! This nigga Trump CAN NOT be allowed to get all that power!!""

    There was NOTHING Clinton could have said or did to sway you.
    You can take some empty comfort in saying such things,but I feel you all know it's true

    I voted for her wack ass..even though I was STAUNCHLY anti-Hillary . But I understand the logic completely of an informed Black person deciding not to. There's always going to be a boogeyman under the Republican at what point do Black people demand more from the democratic party? It's obvious the party isn't as commited to us as we are to them.

    Of course the flip side of that is Trump is elected instead of Hillary and gets his administration with full reign over federal gov' real time. So unless those people thought that was in their better interest, maybe they should have not tried to overthink it and voted for their own best interest. There really is no excuse.
  • Re: The Official Trump Supporters Thread For The Next Four Years +

    Hillary this, Hillary that. Yall missed the chance to criticize her. Its all about Trump now. Some of yall did nothing to prevent it and some of yall chose him. He's on yall. Hillary is out of it at this point. Cant deflect to her anymore.
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  • Re: The Logic Of Not Voting ?

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    So I guess Kap is irrelevant because he didn't vote right? @NoCompetition

    I dont see him butting in on a topic he isnt involved in either though. Non voting just gives your power and choice to others...and they obviously do and have used it. Anyway Im not going to continue to argue a topic with people who are not involved in it. You didnt want people to vote, they apparently didnt in certain key areas, and it had an effect. Meanwhile others did vote in other areas and it, likewise had an effect. but anyway you didnt want people to vote, some didnt, so hey, you can take that with you.