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  • Re: Bone Thugs (Krayzie & Bizzy) New Waves (album thread) 6/23/17

    I'm listening to this now and a lot of the songs sound like some shit from 2010, with them 2010 era B.o.B beats. Disappointing as hell, they haven't dropped a good project (group or side) since Strength & Loyalty.
  • Re: What the Bill Cosby Mistrial Tells Us About Power in America in 2017

    5th Letter wrote: »

    they dont break each other down when the goal is to build.

    i see "THOSE" group unite no matter where they are.
    i see black people not wanting to feel obligated to know or hang with other black people in company settings. not all ...but i see it more than i see unifying.

    i can go so many places with this...

    i see a very diverse but heavily divided people. like i said earlier....its not about rich or poor...its the toxic niggas that create the problems.

    no matter who says what....if they there to will reach you.
    if you ok with being ok...or know you can do better but really dont want wont reach you.

    an be honest for a second.....are you really gonna say...dont throw your own under the bus?

    we gonna use cosby for this example?

    while your perception saying thats your perception says....nigga look around. this happens everyday. hes nothing more than a face of personal frustrations for alot of people.

    We're in a Cosby thread so who else should we be talking about? At the end of this I want to reach a middle ground, not to just read just to respond but also read to understand where each other is coming from.

    You notice how no matter how much fucked up shit that happens to blacks you rarely see whites acknowledge the root cause? And when we do we get labeled as race baiters? If a prominent white person sits among a mixed crowd and talks down on white people and admit to white supremacy that speech would piss off whites while blacks would use that speech as validation and prop it up. The few "truths" would be overshadowed by this white person throwing whites under the bus. That pretty much was what Cosby's speech did, he spoke some real shit but he also shitted on black people and gave the racists validation.

    Other groups have degenerates amongst them, but even they have the sense of racial unity to not shit on their own. When you're in a system of white supremacy as much as you want to freely talk shit, unfortunately we don't have that luxury and you must be careful about the words and the tone you use when speaking to your people. Cosby being an og and coming up in the civil rights era should've known better. Like I said lesson learned.

    In order to be unified we must first have a code. Until black people have said code we're going to continue to be divided. It's ironic though, you want unity, but Cosby's speech was the opposite of racial unity AND you defending it is not unity. Real unity is having a code, real unity is checking niggas when they say dumb shit about blacks in front of whites, real unity is not caping for racists like Bill Maher and giving them a pass for saying the N word. You said you seen other groups together no matter where they are, but I bet they also have a code too. You want black people to do better, I'm attacking the root cause, while you attack the people in the fucked situation that's not unity. You want unity then you sir have to develop a code first.

    I agree....but that code should be our color since that's what separates us from everyone else when convient.

    my argument is not to discourage but to point out how we allow shit to be OK, ywt complaint about shit not being ok.

    we can't talk about not getting help but then talk about how help should be given.

    you ever see a country hit by natural disaster? do you see how help is given to those who need it? it's throw out a plane or truck.

    those people dint have time to say...can you hand it to me, I'm not a dog.

    how we saying we poor and need help but pushing away help from our own because. of his personal vuces but asking the generational oppressor for help and wint attack them with the same energy.

    to me...that makes no sense.

    I fully agree with code...but not enough of us see a individual code. a code of a man among men..... too many see being apart of fukkery and exposure as what a man does.

    every man needs a code.
    but first, the person must be..........a man

    Cosby put in work so he's certified in my eyes. He's helped a ton of black people and if certain blacks people can forgive whites who harm us then I can forgive mr Cosby and look at the bigger picture.
  • Re: Coon of the Week:Kevin Martin gives the Black Conservative view of Philando Castile and Police

    Just by his voice you know he's a coon
    stringer bell
  • Re: ADHD! SHUT DA F*** UUUUUUP!!!!

    I bet it's only for City of Atlanta employees though

    But they'll probably cut hours to offset the higher wages.
  • Re: Blacks Make up 13% of the American Population But Commit Half of the Murders

    Swiffness! wrote: »
    5th Letter wrote: »
    I'm supposed to take this article serious, when they claim BLM is "divisive"? That tells me all I need to know.

    word. you know what's also "divisive"? GOVERNMENT AGENTS EXECUTING PEOPLE'S KIDS.

    That's not divisive. Telling them about themselves is divisive.