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  • Re: Big L Murderer caught

    They caught him by accident, they didn't give a fuck about ever catching L's killer.
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  • Re: Reason Interview: vybz

    Dude stop clicking on to the thread then.
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  • Re: Reason Interview: vybz

    gee757 wrote: »
    5th Letter wrote: »
    Dude stop clicking on to thread then.

    Fuk u clown just like u said u can't control wat these faceless scary shit talking bitchs say..... so u can't control wat I say bitch

    Again watch your mouth. I'm not going back and forth with you either. You want to diss him for dissing you fine. But bitching about threads you don't like is dumb. Just avoid the thread easy solution you don't have to enter these threads.
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  • Re: Who agree?

    nastrudamus was trash. .not jus trash by nas standards but trash period! streets disciple was street debris when i got thru wit it

    nas lows are MUCH lower than jays the highs are debatable.....but the versitility of the music aint.

    I call shenanigans. Nas' worst albums are Nastradamus and Street's Disciple. BP 2, KC, BP3, MCHG, aren't better than those aforementioned Nas albums.
  • Re: The 2016 NBA Offseason Thread

    5th Letter wrote: »
    The Knicks basically traded for Steve Francis circa 2006, but he's a big name and we know who he is so he must be good. The right move would've been to trade Melo and acquire assets and draft picks and take the next 4/5 years to develop talent and actually rebuild. But this is NY Phil was under pressure to win now and he wouldn't survive a 4/5 year rebuild in NY.

    ........ you act like rose did have his games and he's on crack stop it let this man cook you can't grade this trade like that right now

    Rose is not the same guy he was in 2011, and there are a ton of question marks surrounding him at this point. IF he conforms his game then it's a good trade. 2 ball dominant players will stunt Kris's development but rather than develop Grant, they go for the big name player. You're right it's too soon to judge but I've seen y'all make these types of moves in the past and it ALWAYS ENDS THE SAME WAY. Larry Johnson, Glen Rice, Antonio McDyess, Stephan Marbury, Steve Francis, Penny Hardaway, Jalen Rose, Al Harrington, Tracy McGrady, Amare, Stoudemire, Chauncey Billups, Jason Kidd, Andrea Bargnani etc. But Rose will be different? What's the definition of insanity?
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